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JW31-200 Ton Single Piont Pneumatic Die Punching Machine

JW31-200 Ton Single Piont Pneumatic Die Punching Machine
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Jiangsu China

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JW31-200 Ton Single Point Pneumatic Die Punching Machine is a high-performance and versatile equipment used for punching and cutting various materials, including leather, rubber, fabric, plastics, and more. This machine is designed with a single-point pneumatic system, ensuring precise and powerful punching operations.

With a punching force of 200 tons, the JW31 Single Point Pneumatic Die Punching Machine can handle heavy-duty punching tasks with ease. It is equipped with a durable and robust frame, providing stability and minimizing vibration during operation, resulting in accurate and consistent punching results.

The machine features a user-friendly control panel, allowing operators to easily adjust the punching pressure, stroke length, and other parameters according to the specific requirements of the material being processed. Its efficient pneumatic system ensures quick and smooth punching actions, enhancing productivity and reducing production time.

The JW31-200 Ton Single Point Pneumatic Die Punching Machine is widely used in industries such as footwear manufacturing, automotive interiors, packaging, and die-cutting operations. It offers reliable and precise punching performance, making it an ideal choice for applications that require high-quality and intricate punching shapes.

Whether you need to punch holes, cut shapes, or perforate materials, the JW31-200 Single Point Pneumatic Punching Machine provides a cost-effective solution with its efficient operation, durability, and versatility.

JW31 H Frame Single Crank Power Press

JW31 H frame single crank power press is applicable to light, thin material, for single, and progressive die application in blanking, piercing, bending, forming, interlink with ROT line or transfer unit. High rigidity frame, applications suitable for various kinds of stamping works.


The press capacity is from 160ton to 630ton. Slide guide 8 faces for higher precision.


ITEM CODE UNIT JW31-160 JW31-200 JW31-250 JW31-315 JW31-400 JW31-500
Nominal CapacityPeKN160020002500315040005000
Slide Strokesmm180200220220250250
Slide Stroke SpeedFixednspm453530302520
Max. Die Shut HeightH2mm400450500550600650
Die Shut Height Adjustmenttmm110110120120120120
Side Window SizeF-BEmm6507508008509001000
Distance Between UprightsGmm110012001300135014501650
Table SizeF-BDmm6507508008509001000
Table Hole Diameter mm180200200220220220
Slide Bottom SizeF-Bbmm600700750800850950
Table Surface HeightH1mm100511151205121512251225
Overall DimensionsF-BAmm220023002500260027003100
Motor Power KW1518.522303745
Weight(approximate) kg160002200027500300003650047500


Light curtain; Inverter; Cushion; Decoiler; Straightener; NC Feeder; Transfer Bar; Manipulator;


JW31 pneumatic die punching machine uses a strong H frame body. The press body is steel welded

with high quality steel plates by carbon dioxide arc welding. After welding, all the weld seams must pass the examination of ultrasonic inspection. The top transmission gearbox is tested by oil bath to avoid any oil leak.

Then, the press body will be heat treatment and sand blasting. All these treatments will help to release the welding stress for high rigidity. Press structure is optimized by computer and all the key power points are strengthened.


Wet type pneumatic clutch with imported clutch disc, NOK seals, lower noise and maintenance cost, longer service life.

Press with pneumatic wet clutch can work as continuous, inches or single stroke, more choices for operators.

Siemens Motor, Schneider Electric Components

The press is equipped with Siemens main motor and Schneider electric components.

Hydraulic Overload Protected Pump

The press is standard equipped with Japanese SHOWA hydraulic overload pump. Normally the system is set as 110% of the nominal capacity. The press will stop immediately once it is overload than 110% to protect both the press and the die. It is easy to reset the overload as there is a reset switch on the control panel. The system can be reset within 3 minutes.


Panasonic or Omron or Schneider PLC

PLC control system can be Panasonic or Ormon or Schneider brand.



JW31 pneumatic press is PLC control with HMI and cam controller. The press has both mechanical and electrical cam controllers. It is easy to set the cam angles to match the press with automatic NC feeders or press transfer system. HMI has the function as with system setting, lubrication setting, I/O monitor, counter setting and TDC reset.Auto grease pump is standard equipped on the press and the operator can set the lubrication frequency by the HMI according to the working time or working stroke times.

Operator only needs to check whether enough grease in the cup every working day.Press ram is adjusted by brake motor with a digital shut height indicator. Precision is 0.1mm.There is a button and an up/down selection switch on the control panel. So easy to test the die height when install the die or change the die.

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