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Why Choose WORLD Press Machine

Yingxin World Press Machine Company has exporting center in Shanghai with professional team to follow up logistic and document process, which also saves a lot of time in middle process.



Working together for customer success. Since the foundation of the Yinxin world press machine company, one of the foundation principle has been to work closely with our customers. This provides the opportunity to continually assess and improve the levels of service we offer and to create the most innovative products available. Through this partnership of shared experience and ideas, we are confident that we can realize your current and future requirements on WORLD press machine.


We very much welcome customers to send us customized information related to presses. Yinxin power press manufacturer provides you with professional OEM power press machine services. We have been in the business of manufacturing press-related machinery since 2009. including hydraulic power press machine, hydraulic shearing press machine, mechanical power press machine, and punching machine with high-quality and performance, We are trusted by customers all over the world.

We can provide installation service for all the sold out machines at customer factory. Small machines can be shipped assembled and some big machines must be shipped disassembled. That is why we provide installation service to our customer.

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