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What is the metal forming press ?


In general, metal forming press means It is used to change the shape of the metal. It can be used in a lot of area. In this article we will talk about the metal forming press in 2 parts:
The common types of metal forming press
The usage of metal forming press
The common types of metal forming press
The three common types of metal forming presss include mechanical, hydraulic and mechanical servo technology. Usually, the metal forming pressisi connected to an automatic feeder which passes the metal plate through the press in the form of a coil or blank.
Mechanical metal forming press
Mechanical metal forming presses use motors connected to mechanical flywheels to transfer and store energy. Their punch sizes range from 5mm to 500mm depending on the particular press. Metal forming presses also vary in speed, usually between 20 and 1,500 strokes per minute, but they tend to be faster thar hydraulic presses. These metal forming presses range in size from 20 tons to 6,000 tons. They are ideal for making lighter, simpler parts out of sheet meta rolls. They are commonly used in mass production of progressive and transfer stamping.

Hydraulic metal forming press
The hydraulic metal forming press uses pressurized hydraulic oil to apply force to the material. Hydraulic piston displacement fluid with a force proportional to the diameter of the piston head, compared with mechanical presses, can achieve advanced control of the pressure size, and the pressure is more stable. In addition, they have adjustable travel and speed capabilities, and can usually provide full power at any point of travel. These hydraulic metal forming presses usually range in size from 20 to 10,000 tons, with stroke sizes ranging from about 10mm to 800mm.. 
Compared with mechanical metal forming presses, hydraulic metal forming presses are usually used in smaller production operations to produce more complex, deeper stamping parts. They provide greater flexibility due to adjustable stroke length and controlled pressure.
Mechanical servo metal forming press.
Mechanical servo metal forming presses use large capacity motors instead of flywheels. They are used to make more complex stamping parts at faster speeds than hydraulic metal forming presses. Stroke, slide position and motion as well as speed are controlled and programmable. They are powered by linked auxiliary drive systems or direct drive systems.

The usage of metal forming press usually include these
Punching and blanking is the use of a metal forming press die to cut material into a specific form. In punching operations, when the metal forming press punch enters the mold, a piece of scrap is removed, effectively leaving a hole in the workpiece. Blanking, on the other hand, removes the workpiece from the main material, thus making the removed part the required workpiece or blank.
Embossing is a design process in which the raw blank is pressed against a metal forming press mold containing the desired shape or the material blank is rolled through the mold to create a bulge or dent in the sheet metal.
Coining is a bending technique in which the workpiece is punched when placed between a metal forming press die and a metal forming press punch or press.This action allows the punch to penetrate the metal and result in accurate, repeatable bending. Deep penetration can also reduce the internal stress in the.metal workpiece, so as not to produce a rebound effect
Bending refers to the general technique of making metal into the desired shape (such as an L, U, or V outline). The bending process of a metal results in a plastic deformation in which the stress is higher than the yield point but lower than the tensile strength. Bending usually occurs around just one single axis

Flanging is the process of introducing a torch or flange into a metal workpiece using a die, press, or specialized flanging machine.
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