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What Is Metal Stamping?


Many businesses worldwide depend significantly on metal stamping for their equipment, including the automobile industry, aerospace projects, and medical apparatus. Metal stamping is a cost-effective method of mass-producing complicated components in high demand globally. Several metal-forming processes may be used to accomplish the complex metal stamping process. To achieve the desired shape, metal may be bent, punched, blanked, spun, hydroformed, or pierced, among other methods.

What Is Metal Stamping?

Flat metal sheets are fed into a stamping press to undergo the metal stamping process, also called metal pressing. The metal is shaped according to the specifications using this press's pressure and die.


The design tools supplied with CAD/CAM technology for engineering are essential for stamping pros to guarantee the metal product turns out as expected. These designs must be as precise as possible for the finished product to appear and function as intended. Many businesses use the metal stamping process due to its ability to produce large quantities of identical parts rapidly.


Stamping metal allows for the creation of:


● Supplies for shelves, bespoke switches, doors, lights, and more, including nuts, bolts, screws, hinges, and washers.

● This speciality stamped hardware category includes power instruments, mounting brackets, locks, and other household equipment.

● Various electrical parts, including lids, screws, clips, and delicate electronic assemblies.

● Reliable, long-lasting components for the building trade.

● Methods of fastening include screws, hooks, or intricate contact parts.

● Parts for various kitchen appliances, including stoves, ovens, dishwashers, ice makers, microwaves, kitchen ranges, ovens, grills, pans, and disposal systems.

● Metal stamping machines are multi-function machines that can cut, punch, cast, and mold metal sheets to any size or form you can imagine. Accuracy is of the utmost importance when designing and programming stamping machines.

Types of Stamping Presses

The process relies heavily on stamping presses aka metal stamping machines, of which mechanical, mechanical servo, and hydraulic varieties are the most frequent. The source of electricity is what differentiates the three kinds.


The sheet metal stamping is typically fed into the stamping press by an automated feeder. Below, we'll go over each sort of stamping press in depth.


A mechanical flywheel is coupled to a motor in mechanical stamping presses. After that, the flywheel uses the stored energy to power the machine. These presses can produce punches with diameters varying from 5 mm to 500 mm, depending on the model in question.


Mechanical presses may also vary in speed. It has a 20 ppm minimum speed and a 1,500 ppm maximum speed range. An extra flywheel may be attached to the drive if more energy is required at lower speeds. The speed of mechanical presses is usually higher than that of hydraulic presses.


Due to its significant effect on velocity, the press length of the stroke is minimized. Typically, a stroke is 2 inches long. To engage and disengage the press drive as needed, the person in charge of the mechanical press will use electrical control, a brake, and a clutch. When working with sheet metal coils, mechanical stamped presses are ideal for producing basic, shallow components in high quantities, especially for progressive and transfer stamping.

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Hydraulic stamping presses get their name from the fact that they run on hydraulic fluid. Modern hydraulic presses use state-of-the-art electronics and valves made possible by a steady stream of technological advancements.


The hydraulic pistons displace fluid with a force that is directly proportional to the diameter of the piston head. The amount of pressure that may be exerted at any one time can be fine-tuned in this way. Hydraulic presses may still provide their maximum power regardless of where in the stroke they are, despite their very versatile stroke and speed capabilities.


Users have the option to specify the pressure that hydraulic presses employ. The speed at which the slide moves when the die shuts may also be changed by adjusting the velocity. As soon as the correct pressure is reached, the valve assists in activating pressure reversal to prevent overloading. There is a wide variety of hydraulic presses available, from 20 to 10,000 tons. The diameters of their strokes range from 10 mm to 800 mm. The press's adjustable stroke length and constant pressure make it perfect for making delicate, detailed components.

Mechanical Servo

Flywheels are not used by mechanical servo stamping presses. Rather than using traditional hydraulic presses, they use high-capacity motors to make complex designs much more quickly.


Servo presses provide simple control over strokes, sliding place, motion, and frequency because of their high degree of programmability. These devices can run on either a direct drive or a link-assisted drive method. Mechanical servo presses are the priciest of the three because of their high speed and extensive personalization options.

Advantages of Metal Sampling

● The metal stamping process is an inexpensive method of stamping.

● The superior degree of automation in comparison to competing presses.

● Not as costly to make or keep upkeep as those used in other procedures.

● Plating and cleaning are less expensive secondary expenditures.

● Having the ability to use advanced computer programs allows for a higher level of accuracy.

● In general, metal stamping allows for quicker manufacturing and turnaround times.

● Because of how easily this procedure may be mechanized, labor cost is low.


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