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What is the forging press process ?

2021-11-11, also known as forming presses, are tools used in manufacturing to deform workpieces under high pressure. There are different types of forging press machine, including bending forging press machines and punch forging press machines. However, the main characteristic of all machine presses is that they use high pressure to change the shape of the workpiece.

1. What is the forging press processA forging press is a process in which a vertical head is used to apply gradually controlled pressure to a die that gradually holds the workpiece in place. The forging press process is similar to fall forging, but uses slow pressure instead of a series of blows. The slow motion of the hammer penetrates deeper into the workpiece and causes the workpiece to undergo uniform plastic deformation.

Open or closed dies are used for pressure forging. In open die forging, the die does not completely surround the workpiece. In the closed die method, also known as die forging, the die revolves entirely around the workpiece.

Forging press machine use hydraulic or mechanical forces to apply force. The machinery is generated by a flywheel that stores energy and is used to move a ram attached to a crankmechanism. It can apply 12,000 tons of pressure.

Unlike mechanical flywheel types, hydraulic forging press machines generate force through the use of a high-pressure fluid. Large hydraulic forging press machines can produce a force of 75,000 tons.

2. Metal used in forging press processMost metals can be forged under pressure, although certain metals are more suitable for the forging press process. The metals range includes carbon steel, stainless steel, tool steel, aluminum, titanium, brass, and copper. High-temperature metals containing cobalt, nickel and molybdenum can also be pressed. Since each metal has its own strength, durability, and weight, the type of metal chosen for the forging press process depends on the needs of the person using the finished product.

The rod-like medium is used for its grain structure, mechanical properties, shape, size, surface quality, and capacity for mass production.

Now we will introduce some kinds of metal that usually used in forging press process:

I Steel
The steel needs to be heated to 1200℃ or 2200F to enable forging press. The heating process makes steel more ductile and ductile under pressure. Because of plasticity, billets can be permanently formed without breaking.

I AluminumAluminum is light, corrosion resistant and durable, making it an ideal choice for forging press process. Aluminium forgings are used in applications that require performance and the ability to withstand excessive stress. Aluminum has high thermal conductivity, design flexibility and fracture toughness. An open or closed die can be used for forging and does not require preheating before forging. 

I Stainless steelLike several other metals, stainless steel is resistant to corrosion, has excellent strength and can be forged into many shapes. In many grades of stainless steel 304 and 316 are used for stamping forging press process. Due to its high strength, stainless steels require higher pressures and need to be forged at temperatures ranging from 9301200°Cto 12601200℃. 

I Copper

The copper bars are heated before they are forged. After heating, the bars are pressed into the desired shape. Forged copper has excellent electrical and thermal conductivity. Copper forging press processes divided by high conductivity and non-electrical, this is engineering grade.

I Magnesium

Magnesium has a lower density and stiffness than steel or aluminum, but it is less dense, more expensive, and harder to forge. AZ31B, AZ61A, AZ80A, ZK60A, M1A and HM21A are the most suitable magnesium alloys for forging press process. The problem with pure magnesium is that it burns easily, which is wh it is used in combination with other metals. 

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