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What is the crank type power press ?


With the development of society, the advancement of science and technology, the level of mechanization is also getting higher and higher. Things that used to be done by a large workforce may now require only a finger and control machinery. The crank type power press is a kind of mechanical equipment that brings convenience to human life. Many people have never heard of this equipment, but in fact it has been applied in many aspects of our lives. This article aims to explain information about cranktype power.presses.

This article contains the following:

Crank type power presses are one of the most commonly used cold stamping equipment used as a working platform for cold stamping dies. The structure is simple and convenient to use. It mainly converts the rotary motion of the motor into the linear reciprocating motion required for the stamping process.through the crank slider mechanism, and uses the crankshaft, the crankshaft and the eccentric as the input member of its actuator, through the press leve mechanism and the slider With a rigid motion connection. the blank is deformed by means of a closing force from the actuator and the table to the bed to form a forged piece of a certain shape. There are many types of crank type power presses, among which the universal crank type power press is widely used for punching, bending, forming, and shallow stretching. The press is stable and reliable, and it is the most widely used equipment in stamping equipment.

Crank type power presses have the following classification methods:

1) According to the structure of the bed, it can be divided into two types: open press and closed press.The open pressure machine body is open in the front, left and right directions. It is convenient to operate and install the mold, which is convenient for automatic feeding. However, because the bed is C-shaped, the rigidity is poor. When the pressure is large. The bed is easily deformed and affects the life of the mold, so it is only suitable for medium and small presses.
Closed presses are closed on both sides of the bed and can only be fed back and forth. The operation is not as convenient as the open type, but the machine tool has good rigidity and can withstand large pressure. It is suitable for general requirements of large and medium-sized presses and high precisionrequirements, Light press,

2) According to the number of connecting rods, it can be divided into single point, double point and four point presses.The single point press has one link, and the two point and four point presses have two and four links, respectivelyGenerallv, a press with a relatively small work surface has only one connecting rod, and the connecting rod and the slider have only one connecting point, which becomes a single point press. The press table of the large countertop has a large work surface, and two or four connecting rods are arranged, which are called double-point or 4-point presses. The multi-point press has enhanced anti-offset capability and can be used to stamp large forgings or to install multiple sets of molds simultaneously on the workbench.

3) According to the number of sliders, it can be divided into three types: single-action press, double-acting press and three-acting pressDouble-acting and three-action presses are generally used for deep drawing of complex parts. This press can be used for deep drawing of larger, higher parts.The working part of the press consists of a drawing slider, a presser slider and a workbench. The deepening slider is driven by the gear on the main shaft anc its eccentric pin through the connecting rod, The table is driven by a cam, and the presser slider is stationary during operation, In operation. the punch is fixed on the drawing slider, the pressing ring is fixed on the pressing slider, and the die is fixed on the table, At the beginning of the work, the table rises under the action of the cam, pressing the blank and staying in this position. At this time, the deep drawing punch fixed on the drawing slider starts to draw the blank until the drawing slider is lowered to the drawing end position. After pulling, the slider is raised first, then the table is lowered to complete the stamping work.

4) The transmission system of the sub-press according to the transmission mode can be placed on the workbench or under the workbenchThe former is called the upper transmission and the latter is called the lower transmission. The lower transmission press has a low center of gravity and a smooth motion, which reduces vibration and noise, and the bed is also stressed. However, the plane size of the press is large, and the total height is similar to that of the upper drive, so the weight is large and the cost is high. Moreover, the repair of the transmission part is not convenient, so the existing generalpurpose presses generally adopt the upper transmission.

The above is the basic information about the crank type power press. This has been applied to many aspects, and the equipment that brings convenience to our lives should be understood by more people. In this way, more people will pay attention to this aspect and bring the source of power for the future.development of machinery.

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