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Safe Operation and Maintenance of Punch Press Machine


Safe Operation and Maintenance of Punch Press Machine

1, How does a punch machine work ?

   The punch press is designed to convert circular motion into linear motion.The flywheel is driven by the output of the main motor, and the gear, crankshaft (or eccentric gear) and connecting rod are driven by the clutch to achieve the linear motion of the slider, and the motion from the main motor to the connecting rod is circular motion.The connecting rod and the slider need to have circular motion and linear motion of the turning point, its design roughly has two kinds of mechanism, one is ball type, the other is pin type (cylinder type), through this mechanism converts circular motion into the linear motion of the slider.Punch on the material pressure, make its plastic deformation, and get the required shape and precision, so you must cooperate with a set of mould (upper die and lower die), the material placed in the meantime, the pressure on the machine, make its deformation, when processing applied to materials caused by the force of reaction, the punch machine absorbed by the body.An additional manual operation tool for user safe operation.There are many kinds of hand tools, commonly used hand pliers, hooks, tweezers, clamps, all kinds of suckers (electromagnetic, vacuum, permanent magnet) and special process tools, etc., are auxiliary means of safe operation.

2, Operation rules 

1,1, The operator should be familiar with the performance and structure of the power press machine, understand the risk of the punch press, understand the usage method of guardrail, photoelectric safety device and protective equipment and the operation steps of the machine tool, and be able to carry out startup inspection, daily inspection and emergency treatment of the power press machine .

2,The following ACTS are prohibited : remove the safety device, overload use,  wear loose work clothes and accessories, touch the jacking rod during the operation of the slider and the adjustment process of the slider.

3. Properly use the safety protection and control devices on the punch press, and do not remove them at will.3. Remove objects that hinder operation in the workplace before work., check whether the transmission, connection, lubrication and other parts of the punch and the protection and safety device are normal, install the mold screws must be firm, do not move.Check whether the moving parts of the press (such as guide rail, bearing, etc.) are lubricated.Punch press should be empty for 1-3 minutes before work, flywheel operation is stable, check the flexibility of the clutch, brake and other control devices, confirm normal before use, do not operate with disease.

4. When the equipment is in operation, it is strictly forbidden to extend the hand into the slider area. When adjusting or repairing the machine tool, the power must be turned off and the warning board of "No operation" must be hung.

5. It should be used within the specified punch capacity range. If the punch is used beyond the range, it may damage the slider, connecting rod, crankshaft, fuselage and other parts .

6.  Make sure the mould is firm and the upper and lower mould are aligned to ensure the correct position. After installation and adjustment, move the punch press by hand to test (empty car) to ensure that the mould works in good condition.

7. Mold installation must be firm and reliable.Adjust the height by manual or moving method, step by step.

8. Before starting the power press, others should leave the working area of the punch press and take away the sundries on the workbench before starting the power supply.

9.If necessary, there must be a person to command and responsible for the operation of the pedal device.When two or more people are working together, the person who is in charge of moving the brake must pay attention to the action of the feeder. It is strictly prohibited to move the brake at the same time while taking out the parts.

10. It is generally prohibited to operate the punch press with more than two persons at the same time.If necessary, there must be a person to command and responsible for the operation of the pedal device.When two or more people are working together, the person who is responsible for moving (stepping) brake must pay attention to the action of the feeder. It is strictly prohibited to remove (stepping) brake while taking parts.

11,When the machines are running, the operator should stand properly, keep a certain distance between the hand and the head and the punch, and always pay attention to the action of the punch. During operation, the operator should concentrate on the thought, it is strictly prohibited to talk while doing, and cooperate with each other to ensure safe operation.

12. Special tools shall be used when short work pieces are produced, and materials or pieces shall not be directly fed or taken by hand.When punching or punching long parts, safety supporting frame should be made or other safety measures should be taken to avoid excavation.

13. Any part of the body is strictly prohibited to carry out mold feeding and unloading within the scope of work. There should be special tools.

14.Sandwich feeding stamping is prohibited. The second feeding can only be carried out after the first and second punching parts or residual materials are cleared.

15.The installation of the mold must be checked regularly, and it should be adjusted timely if there is looseness or slippage.

16. When the mold is disassembled, the mold must be closed.

16. Take good care of stamping equipment, punching die, tools, tools and instruments.After the work is finished, stop the machine in time. After the power is cut off, wipe the mold and punch press clean and arrange them well.

19. When the work is finished, wipe the machine.According to the production batch to take a reasonable blanking method, first under the aniseed, then under the small material, try to improve the utilization rate of materials.

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