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Power Press Details Display


Exquisite processing in the details is the best interpretation of the product!
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With reliable quality, World Machinery has won the trust of consumers and won the trust of consumers. It is now a el-known brand in the industry. Faced with praise an rcgiton fromal directins, "World peole" til do not forget the original heart, adhering to an "ingenuit" and alwas ollow the details to create high-qualit, high-performance products for our customes.

High rigidity, high precision body.
The press frame adopts integral welding structure, adopts carbon dioxide gas shielded welding, and precision grinding parts before welding to ensure welding precision and weld flaw inspection after welding.

Low maintenance, high strength connecting rod
The three-section connecting rod structure reduces maintenance and replacement costs. The connecting rod is made of high-quality ductile iron castings and is normalized to improve the strength of the parts.

High wear resistance, high strength screw
All screws adopt nitriding treatment to improve the surface strength of the screw, increase the wear resistance, enhance the anti-seizure ability of the thread, and greatly reduce the risk of screw seizure.

High quality copper bearing bush and turbine
It is equipped with high-quality copper bearing bush (finished tile, using welding process to reduce copper deformation) and worm gear to reduce wear and increase service life.

Overload protector
The whole system adopts hydralic overload protection device, whch is ovrloded whenit i acoy-calibrated to 110% of ated tonnae, and alarms and stops.Te reset time after verload is only about 1 minute.

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