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Maintenance of press machine in Winter


Maintenance Prior to work

1.1 Inspect the oil surface and lubricating points on oil filling parts, in order to ensure full oil supply and good lubrication.
1.2 Inspect the die for correct and reliable installation.
1.3 Inspect that the pressure of compressed air is within the specified range.
1.4 Overload protection switch shall be placed in Normal position, so that Overload red liaht may not be up.
1.5 Inspect clutch and brake solenoid valves and place clutch solenoid valve knob in the set position. Push the knob, now solenoid valve indicator light is up. Push Hands operation button now clutch is immediaely closed and opened aftr 2 seconds and the light is out, whic indicates that solenoid valve normally operates. Push the knobagain, now the light is up again. Then adjust the knob to On position, now, the motor can be started.
1.6 When the motor is started, inspect that the rotation direction of flywheel accords with the direction on rotary sign.
1.7 Ater several times of dry un, inspect th parts such as brake, clutch, tc for normal operation and test the rliblity of the operation such as single, inching, continuous, emergency stop etc.

During operation

2.1 Operate the handle of manual lubrication pump, in order to ensure full lubrication of lubricating points.
2.2 Simultaneously cutting two plates shall be strictly prohibited.
2.3 When the operation of the press is found abnormal, such as abnormal noise, burrs on fished produt, fee rop o slde block, etc, he pres hall be immediately hut down to study solution.
2.4 D0 not disassemble protection device at vour discretion.

After completion of work
3.1 Disconnect power supply and air source and release excess gas and the surplus water in moisture filter.
3.2 Wipe the press clean and apply rust-resistant oil to machined surfaces.
3.3 Take good care of operation button key. And anyone except for relevant personnel shall not operate the machine.

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