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maintenance and checking list of 3 in 1 servo roller feeder


Check or maintenance term table for 3 in 1 roller feeder

Check or maintenance termItemContents
Maintenance term in irregularly scheduledEquipment cover 
Touch screen
Clean the equipment cover 
Clean the touch screer
Daily check and Maintenance temDecoiler's loop control function;
Emergency stop function
Check if loop control sensor work very well;
Check if the emergency buttons work very well.
Weekly check and maintenance termDrive gears of the straightener feeder part;
Material width adjust & guide device at straightener feeder's entrance;
Decoiler's Mandrel expansion part.
Check if there is enough grease in movable parts;
Fill oil to the gears;
Fill grease to decoiler's mandrel expansion parts.
Monthly check termDecoiler's chains;
Synchronous belt of the straightener feeder
Press wheel driving chain of the decoiler
,Bearing's position of the decoiler's main axle
Air filter.
Add grease to chains;
Check if synchronous belts are in good tension condition
 Add grease on bearings of the decoiler's main axle;
Check if the screws are loose or not.
Add lubrication oil in air filter and clear water and impurity in air filter

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