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JS31 H Frame Eccentric Gear Press machine


JS31 H Frame Eccentric Gear Press

JS31 straight side eccentric press is applicable to light, thin material, for single, and progressive die application in blanking, piercing, bending, forming, interlink with ROT line or transfer unit. High rigidity frame, applications suitable for various kinds of stamping works.


The press specifications can be customized and it is suitable for hot forging and auto parts production.


Item Unit JS31-125 JS31-160 JS31-250 JS31-315 JS31-400A JS31-500 JS31-630 JS31-800
Nominal capacityKN12501600250031504000500063008000
Nominal strokemm78101213131313
Slide stroke lengthmm130160200220250250400400
Stroke speedtimes/min3532282825251614
Max. die shut heightmm350385460520530530830750
Die height adjustmentmm85140160160160160300300
Slide bottom sizeL-Rmm55051070070081081016001600
Size of worktableL-Rmm70071085085099099016001600
Knock out pressureKN6080120160200250300500
Motor PowerKW1115223037455575
Height above floormm40004325487049505450554077108360


factories, manufacturing plants, such as auto parts manufacturers, household appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, dishes, kitchen sinks, motorcycle parts manufacturers, chain manufacturers, computer electronics manufacturers, etc.


JS31 straight side press uses a strong H frame body. 125ton, 160ton and 250ton presses bodies are casting iron integrated type. 315ton, 400ton and 500ton press body can be casting iron or steel welded. 630ton and bigger presses bodies are steel welded and the body can be disassembled as the crown, slide, table and columns which are fixed by tie bolts.

The press body will be heat treatment and sand blasting. Press structure is optimized by computer and all the key power points are strengthened.


JS31 H frame single point press uses eccentric gear transmission system.This type press is more suitable for thin drawing, thick sheet blanking and hot forging process. Eccentric gear transmission system ensures bigger stroke length and bigger nominal tonnage stroke length.

The grinded helical gear or herringbone gear makes the moving more stable with lower noise.


Press with pneumatic clutch can work as continuous, inches or single stroke,more choices for operators. Brake system can stop the press at any point especially for emergency stop.

Dry type separated clutch and brake, smooth working and easy for maintenance and repair.


JS31 straight side eccentric gear press is standard equipped with hydraulic overload system. Normally the system is set as 110% of the nominal capacity.

The press will stop immediately once it is overload than 110% to protect both the press and the die. It is easy to reset the overload as there is a reset switch on the control panel. The system can be reset within 3 minutes.

Double-hand control buttons give another safety system as the operator must press both buttons at same time to avoid putting hands into the working area.

Light barriers are optional to protect the operator hands when press is working.An emergency stop button on the panel can stop the press immediately once press the button down.

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