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How to do maintenance of power press machine ?


How to do maintenance and inspection of a power press machine

Routine inspection
The machine inspection and maintenance are verimoatan forkeen is safety oeration ad rolonin is worin lie o te insecion and maintenance before oeration ust e cared outcarefully

pipelinesThere are not leakages on air, lubrication and hydraulic pipelines
circuitsNo damaged & well connected
Air pressureThe air pressure is about 0.5Mpa
SeeperNo water in pneumatic dual component filter relief valve and mist catcher
Enough oil in gear case, ball coupling between ram and link, hydraulic overload protection oil bath and lubrication pump
Flywheel directionStart the main motor to find out if the flywheel run in accordance with the arrow marked there
Slide movementINCHING
Emergency stopPress the E-stop button then the slide and the main motor will stop immediately
Press and hold the E-stop button. At the same time, do other action, the movement will not be fulfilled
Guide wayFive minutes later, the surface of the guide way will be fully lubricated and no thermal hazards
Opto-electronicStop immediately as shield the beam in operation
After opto-electronic emergency stop, the machine cannot be started without resetting the module first

CAUTION: If find out any circumstance do not conform to the standards, fix or report them timely

Periodical Inspection

Affer a perind of onertin sme errs may ocur such asprs ose it and less il f oina tentin hcondtoinst he ma make oerar inonvent en seriusl infuene the safety operation and machine life.

Inspection once every three months (500 hours)

Before switch on the power
The screw and nutsUse spanner to turn themThe screws and nuts of main parts are tightened (such as main motor base, the cover of the flywheel, guide way, worktable and balancing cylinder etc).
Lubrication systemOptical check the oil gageEnough oil in lubrication pump and link ball coupling.Connectors are tightened and no leakage
Electrical systemTurn cam by handWith proper looseness
Optical checking then use ohmmeter to find out if they are well connectecThe connector and roller of cam are well connected
Optical checkingThe spring, bolt and pin on cam shaft are ok
Optical checkingThermal relay connectors are ok
Optical checkingAll switches and buttons are clean and tightened
Turn with screwdriverTerminals in electric cabinet are tightened
The screws to fix electric cabinet are tenghened
The v-beltsOptical checkingNo twisting, no damage and being properly tensioned
Aftier main motor is started
When startingOptical checking and hearingWhen starting the main motor, no racing, no abnormal noise
When flywheel speeds up, no obvious vibration
No abnormality with clutch -brake and dual valves
Electric systemOptical checkingNo abnormality with switches and buttons
Driving &OperationOptical checkingThe hand of the crankshaft indicates the right angle
Optical checking and hearingNo abnormal vibration and noise when starting the slide
Optical checkingThe slide stops at top dead position in single and continual operation
Hand touchingNo overheat in bearings and sliding part
Optical checkingNo abnormality in every slide stroke running
Optical checkingRepeated operation of inching, single and continual stroke running are ok
Slide adjustmentOptical checkingThe showing value is right the height of the shut mold
The function of slide adjustment is ok
The limit switch can really stipulate the upper and lower limits of the slide adjustment
The function of air eiector is ok

Inspection once every 6 months (1,000 hours):

The items are the same as those of inspection of every 3 months. Replace qrease at the slide ball coupling after 6 months (or 1.000 hours) operation.

Inspection once every year:

The items that must be inspected once every year for the safety operation and long working life as follows:

Optical checking after removing the back coverNo split and other damage on the surface
Check the tightness of the screws and nuts by spannerBe properly tightened
Driving systemOptical checking No abnormality on the surface of the crankshaft and bearing: good grease filling condition
Check axial and radial run-out of the flywheel and grease filling conditionNo abnormality and filling properly
Check tightness of cam shaft and driving gear pairProperly tightened
Check chain tightnessProperly tightened
Check ram motion bearing and gear shaftNo abnormality or split
Slide drivingCheck slide starting as ram adjustment within its rangeCheck start and stop of upper and lower limit switches of slideStop at upper and lower limits correctly
Check piston rod and the appearance in balancing unitNo crack. damage or obvious air leakage
Check if guide way clearance is properProper clearance and flexible motion (refer to "ram and quide wav adiustment")
Air systemCheck piston starting conditionNo abnormal condition
Stop main motor and check operation bv inchingNo abnormal condition when starting air supply or exhaust
Check muffler, pressure relay, oil mister, filterNo clogging or damage
Air reservoir and pipe connectorNo damage, crack or air leakage

6.1 Inspection once every 3 years:

Accuracy calibrationCalibrate machine accuracy as all clearance, parallelism, verticalityand flatnessBased on "JB1280-83 Gap Frame Presses Accuracy
Clutch-brakeCheck wearing surfaces of friction disks and braking disksReplace them if necessary
Check if spring is deformed or brokenReplace it if necessary
Check if seal ring is aged or air leakyReplace it
slideCheck wearing degree of ball coupling and screwReplace it
Remove and clean seal rina. replace greaseClean it
Slide guide way and balancing cylinder pistonCheck wearing degree of ram quide wayRepair it
Check wearing degree of balancing cylinder piston and piston rodRepair or replace it
Sealed bearingCheck or replace with clean greaseClean and renlace it
Cable, rubber tubeCheck if metal hoses, cables or rubber tubes of motive parts are aged or damagedReplace with new ones

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