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4-column hydraulic press machine trouble shooting


Trouble-shooting methods
Actions failure1.Wrong or loose electricwiring
2.Pressure of controloiltank not sufficient
3.Insufficient oil in oiltank.
1.Check the wireconnecting
2.Regulate the pressure to 1.5Мра
3.Add oil to the required level
Slide creeping1.There is air in the hydraulic system or thesuction port of the oil pump sucks air 
2.The accuracy is not fitor the vertical columnislack of lubricate oil.
1.Check the suck pipe of the pump and make the slide move up and down several times then pressurized.
2.Readjust the accuracy and fill the lubricate oil to vertical columns.
3When the slide moves down slowly, upper chamber of the main cylinder have pressureOver high supportpressureAdjust the counterbalance valve to make upper chamber of the main cylinder pressure free, the pressure should be less than 1MPa.
4Machine stop but slide keep downing1. Cylinder leaking
2. Pressure valueleaking
1. Change seal when cylinder leaking
2. Adjust value pressure
5Pressure gauge pointer swing1. Air in pressuregauge
2. Pipe mechanicalshocking
3. Press gauge broke
1. Release air in pressure gauge
2. Fixed pipe
3. Change one new press gauge

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