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WORLD Press MachineFour-column hydraulic press

by:WORLD     2023-06-02
The four-column three-plate structure is adopted, the movable plate and the working table have high parallel precision, and the four-column precision straight self-lubricating bearing has high vertical precision.

The built-in quick cylinder is adopted, which is quick to go down, work forward and return quickly, with high speed and high production efficiency.

Using original imported low noise, high performance high pressure oil pump and solenoid valve, long service life.

Pressure, stroke, holding pressure, etc. can be adjusted according to the requirements of the manufacturing process.

The safety design is comprehensive and can be operated with both hands.

In addition, the table top blanking chute and air blowing device can be designed according to customer requirements to improve production efficiency. In addition, a grating ruler and a display can be installed to accurately display the displacement of the oil cylinder.

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