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WORLD Press Machine Press (Electronic Press Fitting)

by:WORLD     2023-06-02
WORLD Press Machine Press (Electronic Press Fitting)

WORLD Press Machine press (electronic special)---electronic press, electronic press.

Electrons are the first elementary particles to be discovered. They are negatively charged. All atoms consist of a positively charged nucleus and a number of electrons moving around it. The directional movement of electric charges creates an electric current, such as in a metal wire. Using electric and magnetic fields, the movement of electrons (in solid and vacuum) can be controlled as required, thereby manufacturing various electronic instruments and components, such as various electron tubes, electron microscopes, etc.

The WORLD Press Machine electronic press is driven by an AC motor combined with complex electrical control. The rotary force is changed to a vertical direction by a high-precision grinding ball screw. The pressure is controlled and managed by the pressure sensor mounted on the front end of the drive part, and the management position is controlled by the encoder. , while applying pressure to the work object to achieve the purpose of processing, it can control the pressure/stop position/drive speed/stop time at any time, and can realize the whole-process closed-loop control of the pressing force and the pressing depth in the pressure assembly operation; The large-size touch screen with friendly human-machine interface is intuitive and easy to operate. It is equipped with a safety light curtain and a protective net. During the pressing process, if any body part protrudes into the pressing area, the indenter will automatically return to ensure safe operation. It can be equipped with LED universal work lighting to realize the function of close-up fill light.

WORLD Press Machine electronic press features:

1. Real-time production record: easily check the efficiency of employees;

2. Online product evaluation: The whole process control can automatically determine whether the product is qualified or not at any stage in the operation process, and remove defective products 100% in real time, thereby realizing online quality management;

3. Real-time display of press-fitting pressure curve: Different pressures at different stages during product press-fitting are displayed through the curve, and the pressure required by the product at different press-fitting depths can be accurately determined, which is convenient for further analysis of the product;

4. Real-time display of displacement pressure: Different pressures at different positions when the product is displaced is displayed through curves, which can accurately determine the pressure required by the product at different pressing positions, which is convenient for further analysis of the product;

5. Large screen setting data: press-fit force, press-in depth, press-fit speed, pressure holding time, etc. can all be numerically input on the screen;

6. 100 sets of process storage: press-fitting data storage for different products, only need to input the pressing-fitting serial number in the next operation, saving time, effort and improving efficiency;

7. Seven press-fitting modes: a variety of working modes can easily complete two or more stages of press-fitting work requirements;

8. Data storage, extraction and printing: ensure the traceability of product processing data and facilitate product quality control management;

9. Alarm when the set value is exceeded: the parameter alarm system ensures the correct press-fitting data and avoids the phenomenon of wasting products in the test process;

10. Password protection: enterprise production process protection;

Pressing process:

The whole press-fitting process is divided into five stages: fast-forward, detection, press-fit, pressure-holding, and return.

When the machine is turned on, the device will automatically search for the mechanical origin. After setting the parameters, press the start button with both hands and the indenter will descend to the detection position at the fast forward speed at this position, and then descend at the detection speed to start the detection process. The detection process is up to the set detection limit position. If the workpiece is not detected at the detection limit position, the indenter will stop moving. At this time, the button can be pressed to return to the mechanical origin; when the contact pressure reaches the set value during the detection process , the indenter automatically switches to the pressing speed and starts to press the workpiece. When press-fitted to the set position, the pressure will be maintained according to the holding pressure time set by the user, and the pressure head will return to the set working origin at the set speed when the holding pressure time expires.

Press-fit mode:

There are 7 types of press-fitting modes (multiple working modes can easily complete two or more stages of press-fitting work requirements):

1. Constant pressing speed, setting precise position to stop.

2. Set the precise pressure stop.

3. Set the precise displacement stop.

4. I/O trigger stop.

5. The pressure/displacement two-stage mode setting stops.

6. The pressure/position two-stage mode setting stops.

7. Different pressure mode setting stops.

Features: energy saving, environmental protection, safety, low noise, low cost of use and maintenance; high precision and accurate pressure.

Quality determination function: online quality inspection function to ensure product quality;

Parameter report storage function: The electronic press has a built-in pressure sensor, which is connected to the computer through the RS232 communication interface. The results of the press-fitting operation can be stored in the computer in an orderly manner (relevant software needs to be installed). In order to ensure the traceability of product data and effectively control the production quality.

Touch control screen: The man-machine interface is a clear large-screen LCD touch screen, which provides a friendly man-machine dialogue function.

Self-diagnosis function: When the equipment fails, the electronic press can display error messages and prompt solutions, which is convenient to quickly find out and solve the problem.

Multi-function 1/O communication interface: Through this interface, it can communicate with external equipment, which is convenient for fully automatic integration with other equipment.

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