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WORLD Press Machine machinery tells you how to choose the right press

by:WORLD     2023-05-31

WORLD Press Machine machinery tells you how to choose the right press

How to choose the right press? I believe that many small partners have encountered such a problem. Faced with the endless and uneven presses in the market, they have no idea for a while. In fact, on the issue of how to choose a suitable press, you don’t have to worry too much. As long as you fully understand the process requirements of the product you are making, know the fixing method and dimensions of the mold, and then choose a suitable press is not difficult at all, in fact, when choosing a press, you need to pay attention to tonnage, table, stroke , Opening and other presses are presses that use a system with good controllability, high stability and strong adaptability to replace the outdated hydraulic system as the driving power source of the press. It is explained here that good controllability means that After the signal disappears, it can immediately stop by itself; high stability means that the torque decreases evenly with the increase of speed; strong adaptability means fast response, sensitivity and good sound quality.

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