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Why was the hydraulic press invented ?


According to the general situation and development trend of the hydraulic press pneumatic equipment industry, the hydraulic press technology in our country has made a step forward, especially the modern hydraulic forming technology, which has unique technical characteristics and technical and economic advantages. It is widely used in automobile, aviation, aerospace and pipeline industries. However, people are considering why someone invented it. What role and advantages must hydropress play in order to achieve rapid development? Here we have a brief analysis of this,then let us know the reason why it was invented and widely used .

The analysis points are as follows
       What is a hydraulic press
       Hydraulic machine benefits
       Hydraulic machine use and maintenance

What is a hydraulic press ?
       Hydraulic press is a kind of machine that uses liquid as working medium to transfer energy and realize various processes. Now, in addition to being widely used in forging and forming, it is also used in distillation, pressing, packaging, pressing and pressing. Hydraulic press is also a kind of machine which uses hydrostatic pressure to process related products. This equipment is especially suitable for bending, forming, flanging and other processes of central load components. It can also be used for stamping and blanking by means of stamping buffer device. It is the preferred product in shipping industry, pressure vessel industry, chemical industry and other industries. Today it is a popular machine.

Hydraulic machine benefits
       Compared with stamping and welding technology, hydraulic forming technology and technology used in hydropress have the following main advantages
       1.Reduce quality and save material.For typical parts such as automotive engine bracket, radiator bracket, hydraulic forming parts are much lighter than stamping parts; for hollow stepped shaft parts, it can also reduce certain weight.
       2. Reduce the number of parts and moulds and reduce the cost of moulds. Hydraulic forming parts usually need only one set of moulds, while stamping parts . usually need multiple sets of moulds. Hydraulically formed engine bracket components were reduced from 6 to 1 and radiator bracket components from 17 to10
      3. It can reduce the welding quantity of follow-up mechanical processing and assembly. Taking radiator bracket as an example, the heat dissipation areal increased by 43%, welding process decreased from 174 to 20, process decreased from 13 to 6, and productivity increased by 66%.
      4. Increasing strength and stiffness, especially fatigue strength, such as hydroforming radiator bracket, can increase its vertical stiffness by 39% and horizontal stiffness by 50%.
     5. Reduce production costs.

Hydraulic machine use and maintenance
       Correct use them, conscientious implementation of maintenance and maintenance, and compliance with safe operation rules are necessary conditions for reducing machine failure, prolonging service life and ensuring safe production. In order to use it reasonably, the following points should be done:
      (1) The hydraulic oil in the tank should be checked regularly to ensure that the oil level in the tank is not lower than the position of the oil suction port. There are no abnormal impurities in the oil. Usually, new hydraulic fluids should be replaced every six months or so.
      (2) Every working day should pay attention to lubrication. check whether the parts are working properly
      (3) Machine tools should be kept away from the open air to avoid rain and humidity.
      (4) When it is not used for a long time, the machined surface should be cleaned and coated with anti-rust oil.
      S0, only correct use and timely maintenance can make the machine service life longer.

       Since the 1980s, with the development and popularization of microelectronic technology and hydraulic technology, hydropress has been further developed.Nowadays, with the rapid development of various hydraulic presses, various industries have also been greatly developed. Listen to our introduction. If you have any questions about hydraulic press, please consult us in time.We also produce forging press, link press,more information just follow us.

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