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Why should I turn to WORLD?
WORLD has made great efforts to achieve the goal of being one of the most reputable brands in the international market. Firstly, we have deeply researched the consumption habits of the target customers and fashion trends to leave a deep impression on them. Secondly, we have been constantly improving ourselves in technical strength so as to provide customers with constantly-updated competitive products under the brand. Lastly, we make full use of our superior human labor and advanced machines to produce products, therefore, the finished products are 100% reliable, durable, and valuable for you.

Recognized by h frame press industry, Shanghai Yingxin World Machinery Co., Ltd. is committed to satisfying diversified needs to from customers. According to the material, Yingxin's products are divided into several categories, and mechanical power press is one of them. h frame press has a vast range of prospects with its unique h type power press machine. Its simple design which has only a few moving parts helps cut maintenance costs. This product is tested by our quality controllers to assure its high performance at clients. The product is distinguished by low electricity consumption.

We aim to maintain strict environmental and sustainability standards throughout our production process. We achieve cost savings at various stages by cutting the costs of raw materials and reducing manufacturing expenses.
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