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Why is the shearing machine favored by the public?

by:WORLD     2022-08-22

The shearing machine is a widely used machine and equipment in the industrial field. The function of this kind of machine and equipment is very powerful. Many industrial work needs the help of the shearing machine to be completed. This is one of the reasons why the shearing machine is favored by the public. Besides, what other reasons cause the shearing machine to be favored by the public?

What did the shearing machine gain while constantly completing a challenge? The shearing machine has always been popular with newcomers and likes of the public. In order to live up to the support of GF friends, it has been constantly asking for itself and slowly completing it. One has one goal.

For the shearing machine, adjust the blade gap accordingly. The recommended value of the blade gap of the stainless steel tube shearing machine is five to eight times the thickness of the plate. Maybe this answer surprises you, but this is indeed the progress of domestic shearing machines.

For the shearing machine, the entire frame of the shearing machine is welded by steel plates. In addition, the welding structure of the triangular frame plate of the tool rest on the hydraulic shearing machine is equipped with a guide plate, a blade and a back gauge device. As the power part of the machine tool, the pressing device is composed of multiple pressing cylinders installed on the outer pressing plate in front of the frame, which is the main part of the hydraulic shearing machine.

After the shearing is completed, the pressing force is reset by the pulling force of the tension spring, and the size of the pressing force increases with the thickness of the sheared sheet, and its two oil cylinders are fixed on the support that connects the left and right columns and the outer pressing plate. The blade gap adjustment device is composed of eccentric wheel, RV motor, etc. According to the thickness and material of the material to be sheared, the pressing oil cylinder of the hydraulic shearing machine enters the pressure oil and the pressing head is pressed down after overcoming the tension of the tension spring.

In fact, the main structure of the hydraulic shearing machine mainly includes the frame, the upper tool holder, the left and right oil cylinder devices, and the pressing device. The left and right oil cylinder devices are composed of two piston oil cylinders and seals. . The blade gap adjustment device and several important components of the electrical system, the hydraulic shearing machine is one of the main series of many shearing machine types, compressing the sheet material.

The clip of the shearing machine not only has good rigidity and stability, but also consists of the left and right column pressing panels, the workbench and the oil tank body, etc. The hydraulic system of the shearing machine is composed of the main motor oil pump, valve block, oil tank and pipeline. , For the shearing machine, they reciprocate under the driving of the large and small oil cylinders and the return cylinder to complete the shearing task.

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