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Why is automatic feeding line necessary?


In recent years, in order to speed up the adiustment of relevant industrial structure, promote industrial transformation and upgrading, and build a moderr industrial system with Chinese characteristics, relevant industries have made some rectifications, such as expanding the scale of enterprises, improving product performance and improving production efficiency. Therefore, automatic feeding line ushered in greater market opportunities. With the development of social economy, there are many types of them, which can be applied to material transportation in various industries. So, in terms of current developments.why do we need automatic transmission lines? What opportunities does the emergence of feeding lines bring to related industries? The following article give: a brief introduction and analysis.

The main points are as follows:
Type of automatic feeding line
Why do you need an automatic conveyor line 
Automatic feeding line maintenance

Type of automatic feeding machine

In fact, automatic feeding line is a kind of machine assembly line that uses machine motion force to force materials, and finally carries out the transportation of materials. It also drives the conveyor belt through a power operation, then sends the related obiects to the convevor belt. and then reaches the corresponding production column. It is an indispensable part of our current pipeline operation. The pipeline has been widely used in various industries and has become one of the most popular production methods. So what is the existing ATL?

(1) Plate chain
This kind of conveyor line is usually made of carbon steel and its transmission part is stainless steel chain plate. So this kind of automatic conveyor line is more.suitable for the assembly of heavy products.

(2) Belt conveyor line
The belt conveyor line is an automatic conveyor line, and the belt acts as a transmission belt. Its structure and technology are relatively simple. Generally speaking, the technical content of belt conveyor line in small-cale engineering is relatively small. This automatic conveyor line is widely used in the assembly industry of electronic products.

(3) Drum conveyor line

Drum line is also an important conveving product in automatic conveving line. The drum conveving line adopts two kinds of conveying modes: power drum and non-power drum

4) Drying Series Conveyor LineDrying line is specially used for drying of automatic conveyor line series products. Tunnel drying is commonly used, that is, the product is automatically conveyed to the drying channel through the transmission belt, and a series of drying work is completed

5) Speed doubling chain.This kind of line is the most widely used line in automatic transmission line, Because of its customizable characteristics. the design industry has a wide range.Why do you need an automatic conveyor lineWith the development of social economy, the competition between different industries is becoming more and more fierce. At this time, only by improving the corresponding production efficiency can enterprises be ensured as far as possible not to be eliminated in the fierce industry competition. Therefore, more and more enterprises begin to use automatic transmission line. Because this feeding line can realize one person responsible for feeding many times, greatly improving the production efficiency. Moreover, since it has a large investment in the initial stage of the equipment, but the follow-up only needs daily energy consumption costs, without paying long-term wages, which greatly reduces the corresponding labor cost production.

Automatic feeding line maintenance

With the widespread use of automatic feeding lines, the maintenance of related systems has become a daily issue of discussion. So how do we use this technology correctly?

(1) It's better not to put anything in the beginning. In this case, it can easily lead to excessive motor pressure and burnout.

(2) Check whether the belt is in good condition and loose. The feeding line is conveyed by belt. Only when the belt is normal can the production performance of the machine be brought into full play and the maximum workload be achieved.

(3) Since all parts of the automatic feeding system are connected by gears and chains, the greatest lubricity of gears and chains must be guaranteed so as not to damage the machine due to insufficient lubrication.

(4) Because the production of products will produce a large amount of dust, which will accumulate a large amount of dust in the control box of the feeder Dust can lead to short circuit of internal circuits and damage to circuits and other components, so it is necessary to clean up the dust in the control box a regular intervals

(5) The main power supply of the automatic feeding system is motor, with motor and speed-reducing motor. When using, please check the abnormal condition of the power motor and the deceleration motor. The motor should be maintained in time, such as adding gear oil to the gears of the reducer.
Only reasonable use and maintenance can play a greater role and bring more benefits to our production work

Therefore, the emergence and widespread use of automatic feeding line is undoubtedly a significant progress in the development of pioneer industry.Automatic feeding line can not only realize automatic feeding detection and processing, but also combine them to achieve high detection power. From the current development situation, it has good prospects for development. If you have any questions about the automatic conveyor line, press machine transfer manipulators please let us know in time, and we will give vou the most satisfactory answer.

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