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Why do small hydraulic presses use integrally welded open structures?

by:WORLD     2022-09-27
Why small hydraulic presses choose to use welded construction, because doing so helps to increase their rigidity and helps to expand their working space. But the key remains the quality of the welding operation. Not only do we need to use precise methods and techniques for welding, but we also don't neglect the quality inspection of the welding on the small hydraulic press after the end.

Compared with other construction methods, the small hydraulic body can also maintain satisfactory rigidity and has a convenient operating space, thereby expanding its application range.

Although there are many welding methods such as Oxygen B: Rapid Flame Welding, Craft Arc Welding, Oxygen Shielded Arc Welding, etc., there are not many suitable for four-column small hydraulic presses. In contrast, oxygen arc welding is still more suitable. The welding technology can obtain high-quality welds, and the appearance of the welds is smooth and beautiful, which cannot be achieved by other welding technologies.

The inspection specifications for the weld quality of small hydraulic presses are the same as other regulations. Look around the weld for undesirable phenomena such as cracks, inclusions, pores and spatter.

1. Are the inner and outer surfaces prominent? If conditions permit, the welding seam of the four-column small hydraulic press can also be selected for radiographic inspection or ultrasonic inspection to ensure the reliability of the welding inspection. Once the welding is found to be unqualified, it is necessary to carry out welding repair in time and pay attention to the number of times.

Regular safety inspections are an effective way to reduce the number of small hydraulic press failures and avoid machine damage and personal injury accidents. This is the equipment management system that the user unit should form. Regular safety inspections of small hydraulic presses are mainly carried out by equipment administrators and maintenance personnel of user units, supplemented by operators. At least once a year.

The main components, hydraulic and pneumatic lubrication systems, electrical equipment, safety protection devices, etc. should be thoroughly checked according to the characteristics of the small hydraulic press. Targeted special items eliminate possible insecurities. For example: checking indicating equipment, such as calibrating pressure gauges, and replacing sealing elements in the hydraulic section that need to be replaced. Check the overload protection device of the hydraulic and electrical system of the small hydraulic press, check the operation control and emergency stop device of the electrical system, restore its original performance, and replace components such as limit switches if necessary. Check the wiring of electrical equipment and protective earthing equipment to prevent loose joints, loose components, insulation damage and aging. Check the integrity of safety guards (eg guard grills, shields, etc.). The problems found in the routine safety inspection of the small hydraulic press must be promptly repaired according to the instructions to ensure the safety of the small hydraulic press.

If a malfunction occurs during the operation of the small hydraulic press, it should be shut down immediately for inspection. If the operator cannot solve the problem by himself, he should notify the relevant personnel in time to check and deal with it. It is forbidden to operate and use the machine when the small hydraulic press is abnormal.

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