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Why are hydraulic presses more energy efficient than traditional hydraulic presses?

by:WORLD     2022-12-02
Why are hydraulic presses more energy efficient than traditional hydraulic presses?

Conventional press equipment is divided into hydraulic press, hydraulic press, and press. The most important difference between the three is that the precision is different, and the series is more energy-saving. Why are hydraulic presses and presses more energy-saving?

The traditional hydraulic press uses an asynchronous motor to drive the hydraulic pump. The motor runs all the time as soon as the hydraulic press is turned on. When it is no-load, the pressure is relieved by the overflow valve. In this way, when the hydraulic press is empty, it has been consuming electricity and wasting energy. According to different production products, the no-load time of the hydraulic press can be 20%-80%, so the hydraulic press wastes 20%-80% of the electric energy. The hydraulic machine is different. The hydraulic machine uses a synchronous motor to drive the hydraulic pump. When it is not turned on, the motor is static, and it does not consume electricity and waste energy. The use of hydraulic presses saves 20%-80% of electrical energy compared to general hydraulic presses. Taking a 200-ton frame hydraulic press as an example, the motor of the 200-ton frame hydraulic press is 5.5kw, and it works 10 hours a day, so the power consumption is 55 degrees. If it is changed to a hydraulic press, its power consumption is 10-45 degrees. Power saving varies depending on the product. Different products have different dead time. A 200-ton hydraulic press can save about 10,000 kWh of electricity a year.

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