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Which components of the hydraulic press need enough hydraulic oil

by:WORLD     2022-09-16
Which components of the hydraulic press need enough hydraulic oil

Everyone knows that hydraulic presses can be used for forming, stretching, forming, straightening, etc., and hydraulic oil is used to transfer energy. Then there will be some vibration during operation. Some friends have misunderstood their understanding and think that the tonnage is very small. Hydraulic presses vibrate greatly, and large heavy-duty hydraulic presses will not vibrate when their tonnage is heavy. This is not right. Let us discuss with you how to absorb shock effectively and properly.

Due to the sudden release of the liquid storage capacity in the hydraulic working cylinder causing vibration, the pad can be thickened on the working table, and the storage capacity of the elastic compression energy of the liquid in the working cylinder can be reduced to reduce vibration, under the working table and hydraulic press mold. A pad of a certain thickness is added between the moving beams, and when the load suddenly disappears, the working stroke of the moving beam is reduced to reduce the volume of the upper cavity of the working cylinder and reduce the stored liquid elastic energy in phase; the hydraulic control unit in the four-column hydraulic press The one-way throttle valve is installed on the oil control pipeline to adjust the clearance of the throttle valve to control the hydraulic control flow, the movement speed of the control piston is reduced, the opening time of the main valve of the hydraulic control check valve is prolonged, and the main spool is opened first. Then the small unloading valve opens the main valve, only the extended unloading time can eliminate the influence of shock and vibration; the series plunger is used to divide the working cylinder and plunger evenly into upper and lower parts, the upper and lower plungers and the moving beam are in the idling distance when down. Reduce together, after the workpiece is contacted, the upper cylinder drain will be closed, the upper chamber of the lower cylinder will enter the pressure oil, the lower chamber will discharge the oil, push the plunger and the moving beam to press down together, suddenly the upper cylinder plunger will remain stationary when the load is lost , The lower chamber plunger healthy downward impact hydraulic machine does not require the large energy of the piston stroke, the lower cylinder chamber volume is small, so the hydraulic oil tank elasticity is relatively small, thereby reducing vibration and vibration.

It is forbidden to overload the hydraulic press. Add lubricant as specified before each start. Check whether the high pressure pump, pressure gauge, sealing ring and various valves are normal. The mounting mold is placed in the center of the mat to check for cracks in the mold. Eccentric use, after testing, mass production after each test, regular cleaning of the hydraulic press workshop and the surrounding environment.

There are many hydraulic components on a hydraulic press that require sufficient hydraulic oil. When the hydraulic oil needs to be changed due to excessive use time, some people mistakenly believe that it is only necessary to light up the oil in the hydraulic mailbox and top up with new hydraulic oil. However, there is still a lot of old hydraulic oil in hydraulic lines and hydraulic control valves. When this equipment is used, the mixing of old and new oil will accelerate the deterioration of the new oil.

The correct oil change process of the hydraulic press should first release the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic mailbox, clean the oil tank and add new hydraulic oil, then remove the main circuit of the circuit, start the engine and run the throttle, make the oil pump work, operate the mechanism separately, rely on the hydraulic oil circuit The old oil in the tank is drained one by one until new oil flows out of the oil return main. The oil return main is connected to the fuel tank, and new hydraulic oil is added to the fuel tank to the designated position.

Of course, this method of changing the oil to a hydraulic machine also has its shortcomings. It is said that there is a pilot loader. In this way, when the oil is changed, the idle speed is first, the pilot oil pressure is 35 kg, and the pilot oil (that is, the new oil) only needs to be returned to the engine. To the oil pipe, it is not necessary to prepare 3 large barrels of hydraulic oil. Also, there is not only one return pipe that needs to be removed one by one, so it is troublesome to do it one by one.

As the saying goes: 'The sharpening of the knife makes no mistake in woodworking', friends, don't be afraid of trouble! Imagine that although the oil changes slowly, it depends on the specific model and situation, but it is enough to make it in half a day to a day. How much does this equipment make today? If a part is damaged due to contamination of the hydraulic press, how much will the spare parts cost in addition to maintenance time and cost? This is definitely not an alarmist!

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