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What to do when the pressure of the four-column hydraulic press for bait briquetting is insufficient

by:WORLD     2022-08-27
The four-column hydraulic press for bait briquetting forming is mainly suitable for the forming of bait briquetting. It can be equipped with an automatic production device to realize the one-time feeding, pressing, and discharging steps. In the process of bait pressing, the main problem is the compactness of the pressing. So how do we solve the problem of insufficient hydraulic pressure?

First check whether the hydraulic pump of the hydraulic press can output oil. If there is no output, it may be: the steering of the pump is incorrect; the parts are seriously worn or damaged; the resistance of the oil suction pipe is too large (the oil filter is blocked, the oil viscosity is too large, etc.) or air leakage. If it is a new pump, it may be that the pump body has casting defects (such as sand holes, etc.), which causes the oil suction chamber to communicate with the oil pressure chamber and loses the oil pressure capacity; the input power of the pump is insufficient or the pump shaft is twisted and broken, which makes the output oil pressure of the pump The working pressure cannot be reached or the oil cannot be output.

If the hydraulic pump has oil output, check each oil return pipe to see which component leaks oil. If the oil return pipe overflows, it may be caused by the low set pressure of the hydraulic valve. At this time, the pressure regulating spring of the relief valve can be tightened. If the pressure does not change, it may be that there is contamination on the main spool of the relief valve or the conical valve body of the pilot part or is stuck in the opening position due to corrosion; or The function is lost because the spring is broken; or because the damping hole is blocked, the oil output by the pump directly flows back to the oil tank through the overflow valve, resulting in insufficient or no pressure. The solution is to disassemble the overflow valve and clean it; check or replace the spring to restore its working performance.

Finally, check whether the hydraulic system of the entire four-column hydraulic press can establish normal pressure. There is no pressure in some pipelines or hydraulic cylinders (hydraulic motors), which may also be caused by blockage of pipelines, throttle valves, reversing valves, etc. Check the pressure and whether there is oil passing through section by section, find out the reason, and eliminate it.

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