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What should we pay attention to when choosing the fuel tank of the four-column hydraulic press

by:WORLD     2022-08-28
When selecting the oil tank of the four-column hydraulic press, the capacity and cooling effect of the oil tank should be considered, and the installation requirements of the oil inlet pipe and the oil return pipe should be eliminated to eliminate air bubbles and dirt. When the rated speed of the inclined shaft axial piston pump exceeds the rated speed, the oil pump absorbs the pressure oil to ensure that the inlet pressure of the hydraulic pump is 0.20.4MPa, that is, the low-pressure pump oil, and the flow rate should be higher than the flow rate of the main pump 120%. When you reduce speed, the oil inlet will absorb itself. The radial piston pump of the 6000 ton hydraulic press is used at rated speed and can be absorbed by itself.

Factors to consider when choosing a four-column hydraulic oil tank

However, when the liquid level in the oil tank should be higher than the inlet of the hydraulic pump by more than 500mm, in order to prevent insufficient hydraulic oil. Inclined-axis axial piston pumps are reversible, so the hydraulic components can often be used as high-speed hydraulic motors. Inward bending hydraulic motors are reversible hydraulic components. The oil port of the hydraulic motor of the four-column hydraulic press should ensure a back pressure valve. The outlet pressure of the hydraulic motor is about 0.51MPa to avoid damage to the side of the guide wheel caused by noise and collision parts. The port of the hydraulic motor should be installed on the top, the oil-filled housing should be filled with oil before use, and the cleanliness of the oil should be paid attention to.

Four-column hydraulic press inclined shaft type and swash plate type axial piston pump, the house has 2 oil holes, its function is to discharge oil for cooling, use method:

1. Using the height of the connecting pipe with a drain hole, the oil leaking from the house can flow back to the oil tank smoothly. For the hydraulic manual variable structure of the hydraulic pump, the casing should not exceed 0.15MPa, otherwise the sensitivity of the four-column hydraulic press mechanism will be affected, and special attention should be paid to its use.

2. The 2 oil discharge ports are connected to the pipeline, the input of the pipeline cooling oil is low, and the return oil tank is high. In a closed circuit, a vent should be placed at the high point of the pipe to remove oil from the air to avoid vibration and noise. The internal bending hydraulic motor usually fine-tunes the screw, and its function is to distribute the oil in a state to avoid the phenomenon of unequal front and rear speeds and the impact of the slide rail.

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