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What should I do if the pressure gauge of the small hydraulic press does not show the pressure?

by:WORLD     2022-09-26
1. Reasons for failure

The pressure adjustment screw is too loose, the small hydraulic oil circuit board leaks, the oil pump is damaged, the solenoid valve spool leaks, and the piston seal of the oil cylinder is damaged.

2. Exclusion method

Adjust the pressure increase clockwise, replace the oil circuit board of the small hydraulic press, replace or repair the oil pump, replace the solenoid valve, replace the sealing ring.

The cylinder of a small hydraulic press is equivalent to a cylindrical pressure vessel closed at both ends. From a material mechanics point of view, the stress state varies with the ratio D/ of the inner diameter of the cylinder to the wall thickness. Therefore, different ratios D/ and materials must be considered when calculating the comprehensive stress and thickness of the cylinder wall of a small hydraulic press.

The working mode of the four-column hydraulic press can be selected according to the specific use requirements, instead of being fixed all the time. In addition, everyone also needs to know that this type of hydraulic press usually has an independent power mechanism and electrical system, and can be controlled by buttons to ensure that the product can be used normally.

The automatic pressure compensation device of the small hydraulic press includes: the small hydraulic press, which is connected to the automatic pressure compensation device. The automatic pressure compensation device includes an electrical cabinet, a system pump, an electric contact pressure gauge, and a pressure holding delay instrument. When the small hydraulic press is working, there is also a variable pump and electrical cabinets. After the signal is transmitted to the system pump, after the pressure reaches the process, the electric contact pressure gauge will send a message to make the system pump run with no load, and the pressure holding delay meter will start timing. When the pressure drops to the lower limit set by the electric contact pressure gauge, the electric contact pressure gauge sends a message to the variable pump. The variable pump starts to pressurize. The variable pump also goes into no-load operation when the pressure required for the process is reached again. The new type is easy to operate, easy to maintain, saves time and effort, and can effectively improve the efficiency of small hydraulic presses. Automatic pressure compensation device.

The automatic adjustment device for the opening size of small hydraulic presses includes beams, nuts, columns, transition gears, driving devices, driving wheels, driven wheels, cover plates, shafts and oil cylinders. One end of the column is fixed on the working table of the four-column hydraulic press, the other end passes through the slider, and one end of the beam is connected with the nut according to the thread. The external gear on the nut meshes with the transition gear. The transition gear meshes with the driven wheel; the driven wheel meshes with the driving wheel. The drive wheels are connected to the drive. The drive unit is mounted on the beam. The cylinder passes through the beam and is fixed on the beam. The driven wheel is sleeved on the outer fixed sleeve shaft of the oil cylinder. Fasten the cover plate to the beam and place the nut between the beam and the cover plate. The utility model can install molds with different heights on a general four-column hydraulic press according to production and process requirements. By controlling the motor mode, different opening sizes can be realized automatically and reliably, and it can be adapted to install molds of different heights.

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