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What should I do if the hydraulic press is powered off during operation?

by:WORLD     2022-09-08
In many factories, hydraulic presses are often used. Hydraulic presses may encounter some problems after being used for a long time, such as power failure. What should I do if the hydraulic press encounters a power failure during use? CNC hydraulic press manufacturers will tell you what to do response.

In the usual work process, various problems will be encountered. If some objective reasons cause the hydraulic press to suddenly lose power, how to solve and deal with it? The working medium and function of the hydraulic press are not only to transmit pressure, but also to ensure the sensitivity of the working parts of the machine , reliable, long life and less leakage. The basic requirements of the hydraulic press for the working medium are: ① have suitable fluidity and low compressibility to improve the efficiency of transmission; ② can prevent rust; ③ have good lubrication performance; ④ easy to seal; ⑤ stable performance, long-term work rather than deteriorating.

The hydraulic press initially used water as the working medium, and later switched to an emulsion made by adding a small amount of emulsified oil to the water to increase lubricity and reduce rust. In the late 19th century, hydraulic presses using mineral oil as the working medium appeared. Oil has good lubricity, corrosion resistance and moderate viscosity, which is beneficial to improve the performance of hydraulic presses. In the second half of the 20th century, a new type of water-based emulsion appeared, and its emulsification form was 'water-in-oil' instead of the original 'oil-in-water'. The external phase of 'water-in-oil' emulsion is oil, its lubricity and anti-corrosion properties are close to oil, and its oil content is very small, and it is not easy to burn. However, the water-based emulsion is expensive, which limits its promotion.

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