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What should I do if the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic press is mixed with air

by:WORLD     2022-09-02
The volume percentage of air contained in the hydraulic medium is called the air content, and the air in the hydraulic medium is mixed with air and dissolved air. Generally, 8%-10% of air is dissolved in oil. The dissolved air is uniformly dissolved in the hydraulic press medium, and has no effect on the bulk elastic modulus and viscosity, while the mixed air is suspended in the hydraulic medium in the state of bubbles with a diameter of 0.25-0.5 mm, which has obvious effects on the bulk elastic modulus and viscosity. influences. In addition, if the air content is too large, there is the danger of steam and 'diesel effect'. The above phenomenon will cause the material to become cloudy.

Under the atmospheric pressure of the hydraulic press, the air dissolves in the hydraulic oil. And at low pressure. For example, when it is lower than the air separation pressure of the working liquid, the air will be released. Generally, the air separation pressure of the hydraulic medium is 1300-6700Pa. In addition, when the pressure of the working fluid is lower than a certain value, the hydraulic medium will boil, producing a large amount of steam, and this pressure is called the saturated vapor pressure of the medium at this temperature. The saturated vapor pressure of mineral oil type hydraulic oil is 6-2000Pa at 20℃, the saturated vapor pressure of emulsion is similar to that of water, and the hydraulic oil of hydraulic press is 2400Pa at 20℃.

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