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What should I do if the filter of the four-column hydraulic press is blocked?

by:WORLD     2022-10-04
In the use of the machine, there may be problems, so what problems may occur in the use of the four-column hydraulic press? Let's take a look together. Generally, during the operation of the four-column hydraulic filter, the surface of the filter element will gradually accumulate scale to form blockage, which will cause the hydraulic system to malfunction. After the filter is blocked, it will cause the pump to absorb poor oil, generate noise, and the system cannot absorb sufficient oil. If it can't go up, there will be a lot of air bubbles in the pool, and the filter element may cause a breakdown due to the blockage, which may cause the pressure to increase.

After the filter of the four-column hydraulic press is blocked, it should be cleaned in time. The cleaning method is as follows:

1. Cleaning by mechanical and physical methods

1. Ultrasonic cleaning, the ultrasonic effect removes the dirt on the filter element in the cleaning solution, but the filter element is a porous material, which has the property of absorbing ultrasonic waves, which may affect the cleaning effect.​​

2. Use a brush to clean, and a soft brush should be used to remove the dust on the filter element. An excellent wire brush will damage the mesh type and line-gap type filter element, so that the sintered filter element sintered particles will be brushed off, and this method is not suitable for paper. quality filter.

3. Washing with water pressure, the method is the same as above, and the effect of alternating the two methods is better.​​

4. In the heating volatilization method, some of the fouling on the filter can be removed by heating, but it should be noted that carbon ash and solid attachments cannot remain inside the filter element during heating.​​

5. Blow with compressed air, blow out the scale on the back of the filter scale layer with compressed air, and choose pulsating airflow for better effect.

2. Cleaning with solvent

Common solvents include trichloroethylene, paint thinner, toluene, gasoline, carbon tetrachloride, etc. These solvents are easy to catch fire and have certain toxicity, so special attention should be paid to cleaning. You can also choose alkaline solutions such as caustic pot, caustic bait, surfactants and electrolytic degreasing cleaning, etc. After washing, you must wash with water and other methods to quickly remove the solvent.

The above is the solution to the blockage of the filter of the four-column hydraulic press brought to you by Shanghai WORLD Press Machine. I hope it can help you. For more related questions, please pay attention to our website to browse.

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