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What's a hydraulic press used for


After half a century of development, China's hydraulic press industry has basically matured in technology and production level, and its market share in China is far higher than other machine tools. With the rapid development and wide application of manufacturing technology, microelectronics technology and computer technology, we have put forward higher requirements for modern industrial production. Hydropress will develop and Reform in the direction of high speed, high pressure, green, high efficiency, mechatronics and intelligent numerical control. So, in what field can hydraulic press be applied? What is its development trend? Here, we briefly analyze and introduce this.

The discussion points are as follows:

Hydraulic machine components
Hydraulic machine application
Hydropress development trend

Hydraulic machine components

1. Actuators: Actuators are cylinders and hydraulic motors, which can convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. When the hydraulic motor rotates, the cylinder moves in a straight line.
2. Power component: The power component is a cylinder driven by a motor, which converts mechanical energy into hydraulic energy to provide power for the machine.
3. Control elements: control elements include various valves, which can adjust the speed, control the working pressure, regulate the flow rate and determine the flow direction of liquid according to the working needs.
4. Auxiliary components: There are many auxillary components, such as pressure gauge, accumulator, sealing device, cooling device, filter and joint.

Hydraulic machine application

At present, hydraulic press is mainly used in the following fields:
(1) The stamping and drawing process of sheet metal parts is mainly used for sheet metal forming in automotive and household appliances industries
(2) Pressure forming of metal mechanical parts mainly includes die forming, extrusion forming of metal profiles, cold and hot die forging, free forging and other processing technologies
(3) Powder products industry, such as magnetic materials, powder metallurgy, etc.
(4) Compression forming of non-metallic materials, such as SMC forming, hot pressing forming of automotive interior parts, rubber products, etc.

(5) Hot pressing of wood products, such as plant fiberboard and profiles;Hydraulic press is also widely used in pressing, calibration, plastic sealing, stamping and other processes.

Hydropress development trend

In recent years, it has developed rapidly. As a professional manufacturer of them, we should not only increase the innovation and development of them, but also constantly improve the practicability of hydropress and make greater contributions to society. In the past, it has some limitations in technology and.accuracy. What is the development trend of hydraulic equipment at present?

1. Automation and Intelligence

Although the use of hydraulic equipment saves a lot of manpower for people, the traditional mechanical transmission still can not fully meet people's needs.In order to make better use of it, we are now based on intelligent electronic technology to achieve system automation control as far as possible, so as to effectively improve the equioment. The function of automatic diagnosis and fault detection is developing towards automation and intellectualization.

2. Mechatronics
Make full use of advanced science and technology, combine mechanical and electronic performance, constantly improve the hydraulic system, improve its performance, can achieve more functions.
3. High efficiency and low energy consumption
With the continuous progress of technology, hydraulic press is also developing in the direction of high efficiency and low energy consumption, in order to improve the working efficiency of Hydraulic machine and reduce production costs.

4. High speed: 

The speed of it directly affects the work efficiency and output. In order to better meet the production needs of users, they are also striving to move towards high speed, using advanced fast devices, which not only ensures the output but also guarantees the quality

At present, the overall structure and hydraulic system of hydraulic press in our country have developed relatively mature. With the combination of domestic market and existing technology, the manufacturing level is gradually improved, the scope of use is expanded, production efficiency, product efficiency and factory efficiency are improved, which can promote the development of various manufacturing industries in China, So, if you want to buy highperformance hydraulic press, please choose us, we will certainly provide you with the best products.

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