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What precautions should be taken when using the hydraulic pump of the hydraulic press

by:WORLD     2022-09-06

The hydraulic pumps used in the hydraulic system of the hydraulic press are all positive displacement. The positive displacement hydraulic pump is the energy conversion element in the hydraulic transmission system. The hydraulic pump is driven by the prime mover, converts the input mechanical energy into the pressure energy of the oil, and then inputs it into the system in the form of pressure and flow.

Precautions for the use of hydraulic pumps for hydraulic presses

Hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor are the two core components in the hydraulic system. Their reasonable selection is very important to improve the efficiency of the system, ensure the reliable operation of the system, reduce energy consumption and reduce noise.

The selection principles of hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors are basically the same. First, determine the types of hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors, and then determine their specifications and models according to the pressure and flow required by the hydraulic system.

(1) Start of the pump.

1) Before starting the pump, check the oil level of the oil tank according to the oil level indicator to avoid cavitation caused by air suction.

2) Check the oil temperature with an oil thermometer to avoid starting the pump below 0°C. When the oil temperature is below 10°C, it should be noted that the hydraulic pump should run for more than 20min without load.

3) The start of the pump should be jogged. During jogging, the flow rate of the pump is judged from the change in the sound of the pump and the change in the pressure of the pressure gauge. If the pump runs for more than 1 minute in a no-flow state, there is a danger of being bitten.

(2) During operation and stop.

1) Check and understand the operation of the pump. If the noise is loud, the needle pendulum is large, and the oil temperature is too high, the pump may be severely worn;

2) Check to understand the operating efficiency of the pump. Comparing the temperature of the pump casing and the oil tank, if the temperature difference between the two is higher than 5°C, the efficiency of the pump can be considered to be very low;

3) Check the oil leakage of the pump shaft and the connection, and pay special attention to leakage at high temperature and high pressure;

4) Observe the indicated value of the vacuum gauge installed at the suction pipe of the pump. During normal operation, the value should be below 127mmHg; otherwise, check the oil filter and working oil.

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