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What kinds of press machine that can be used for metal forming press ?


Depending on the nature of the manufacturing process, various types of press machine are available on the market. One must choose the most suitable one Some of the initial Pointers you must keep in mind when choosing the right press machine include the process the press tool expects to perform.
Regarding the actuators, there are basically three sets of press machines that we usually use
Mechanical press machine
Hydraulic press machine
Servo press machine

1. Mechanical press machine
The working principle of the mechanical press machine is as follows:
I An electric motor turns the flywhee
I Flywheels are large wheels made of cast iron that store energy according to their speed
I When the flywheel is attached to the shaft by the clutch, the shaft begins to rotate and the eccentric mechanism converts the rotation motion to the up and down motion of the slider.
I When the slider reaches the "BDC-bottom dead point" position (180 = die closing), a portion of the energy stored in the flywheel (up to 20%) is used to form the part during stamping.
I Then, move the slide up to "TDC-top dead center" and the loop ends.
Mechanical press machines have lower power and can only use nominal tonnage near BDC (when the die is almost closed). The use of nominal forces beyond.this range will damage the press machine. Therefore, the main application of mechanical press machines is blanking or shallow forming.
Due to the working principle of the eccentric mechanism, if for some reason the slider is not allowed to reach the BDC-bottom dead point, the force will be infinite and may seriously damage the mold and the punch. Therefore, special attention should be paid during slide adjustment. The improper adjustmen wil damage the die or the press machine.
A mechanical press machine is one of the most used presses in the industry. The advantages will as follow:. 
Save electricity
Less maintenance, easier maintenance
Easy synchronization with automated systems

2. Hydraulic press machine
The working principle of the hydraulic press machine is as follows:
I Hydraulic devices generate oil pressure for stamping work
I Hydraulic controller controls all possible sliding motion
I The prefill valve allows the slider to move quickly to reduce production latency (in which case the press does not perform work
I During the downward movement of the slider, the hydraulic control transmits the hydraulic pressure to the upper side of the cylinder, and the oil from the lower side returns to the tankI During the upward movement of the slider, the hydraulic controller transmits oil pressure to the interior of the lower side of the hydraulic cylinder, while o from the upper side returns to the tank.
The hydraulic press machine has high energy, depending on the size of the cylinder, its pressure can be used with the available stroke of the piston.
In the hydraulic pipe line, there is a pressure limiting valve that does not allow the force to exceed the nominal tonnage. Then, if for some reason the slider is not allowed to reach the "BDC bottom dead point", once the oil pressure has reached the adjusted pressure, the press control is turned off.
The hydraulic press machine can perform any function, but due to its high energy, the main industrial application is deep drawing. Moreover, it is a versatile machine, very useful for mold makers in the tool room during mold testing. Adjustable force, sliding stroke, and complete control of sliding motion.

Servo press machine
The development of servo press machines is due to advances in electronics and automation technology. The working principle of the servo press machine is as follows:
I Torque motor (high torque motor) directly drives the main drive shaft of the pressure machineI When the axis rotates, the eccentric mechanism converts the rotational motion to the up-down motion of the slider.
I Control of high-tech torque motors, which can be programmed in several ways to adjust speed, rotation direction, slider motion curve, etc. It is more productive than a mechanical press and has versatility as a hydraulic press and, most importantly, power economy.
The servo press machine is a new concept of the press machine, and its application in the industry began around 2000.
We believe that in the future, servo press machines will replace most mechanical press machines and hydraulic press machines in part. The servo press machine has the characteristic of two machines and the advantage of power-saving.
However, in the case of a large amount of energy required for deep drawing, a hydraulic press machine is required.
Also, there are some kinds of press machines, Link Press, Servo Press that also can be used for sheet metal. If you want to know and get the price, please contact us.

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