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What kinds of functions that the punching press machine include ?


The punching press machine has a lot of functions due to the different kinds of punching press machine.
In this article, we will talk about the 8 different kinds of punching press machines and the function of the relevant kind.

1.Crank punching press machine
This kind of punching press machine that uses a crankshaft mechanism is called a crankshaft punch. Most mechanical punching press machine uses this mechanism.
The reason for using the crankshaft mechanism is that it is easy to manufacture, the lower end of the stroke can be correctly determined, and the slider activity curve can be applied to basically any treatment.
Therefore, this type of punching press machine can be used for stamping, bending, stretching, hot forging, intermediate temperature forging, cold forging, and almost all other stamping processes.

2.Crankless punching press machine
There is a kind of punching press machine without the crank, also known as eccentric gear punch.
The shaft stiffness, lubrication, appearance, and maintenance performance of the clankless punching press machine is superior to the crank punching press machine.
The disadvantage is the higher price
Clankless punching press machines are more suitable when the stroke is longer, and crankshaft punches are better if the special machine has a shorter stroke.
Therefore, small presses and high-speed presses also belong to crankshaft presses.

3.Knuckle punching press machine
The use of a toggle mechanism on the slider drive is called a toggle punching press machine
The punch has a unique slider activity curve that has a very slow speed (and crankshaft punch) near the bottom dead center, also called BDC, and can also correctly determine the deadline of the stroke.
Therefore, this punching press machine is suitable for embossing and completing the compression process and is the most commonly used method of cold forging today.

4.Friction punching press machine
The use of a friction transfer and lead screw mechanism on the track drive of the punch is called a friction punching press machine.
This kind of punch is most suitable for forging, crushing operations, and also can be used for bending, forming, drawing, and other processing. It has many functions, because of its low price, it has been widely used before the war.
Because the lower end of the stroke cannot be determined, the machining accuracy is poor, the production speed is slow, the control operation error will lead to the overload, now gradually eliminates the need for the use of skilled technology shortcomings

5.Screw punching press machine
A screw punching press machine uses a screw mechanism in the slider drive mechanism.

6.Rack punching press machine
The rack and pinion mechanism used on the slider drive mechanism is called a rack punching press machine.
Spiral punch and rack punch have almost the same characteristics and are about the same as a hydraulic punch.
Formerly used for extrusion of the casing, sundry, and other parts for extrusion, pumping, filling, and extrusion (hot extrusion thin finish), but has now been replaced by hydraulic press unless circumstances no longer apply.

7.Link punching press machine
The punches using various linkage mechanisms in the slider driving mechanism are called link punching press machines.
In the case of the connecting rod mechanism, the stretching speed is kept within the limit while stretching, and the stretching speed is reduced by reducing the stretching process speed and approaching the stroke from the top. The speed from the dead point to the machining starting point is accelerated and the return to the upper dead point is faster than the crankshaft punch to increase productivity.
The punch has been used since ancient times for deep extension of cylindrical vessels, narrow bed surfaces, and in the machining of automobile bodies.

8.Cam punching press machine
A punch that uses a cam mechanism on a slider drive mechanism is called a cam punching press machine..
The punch is characterized by a properly formed cam shape so that the desired slider activity curve can be easily obtained.
But the nature of the cam mechanism is difficult to transfer a greater force, so this punching ability is very small.
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