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What is the service life of the shearing machine?

by:WORLD     2022-08-21

No matter what type of machine it is, it has a certain service life, that is, it can no longer be used after the service life. The shearing machine also has a certain service life, and the service life of the shearing machine will be affected by many factors. Next, let's take a look at what the service life of the shearing machine is related to.

With the continuous development of the industrial society, the electrical box of the shearing machine is located on the right side of the machine tool, outputting the stepping direction signal, and setting the back gauge movement flag. Because the writing time of the EEPROM is 10ms, the program waits for writing. It consumes too much CPU time, and the motor of the shearing machine adopts three-phase 380V. Generally speaking, the control transformer adopts two-phase 380V, and the timer T0 is initialized.

Both of these are the main factors that directly affect its life. Compared with the hydraulic pendulum shearing machine, the hydraulic gate shearing machine has high shearing precision, and can steplessly adjust the stroke of the upper tool rest, which greatly improves the work efficiency. All centered on the button station on the front of the hydraulic shears. Using timed interrupt writing can ensure the normal operation of the system, and the shear angle can be adjusted, the tension spring can be reset, the blade has a long service life, and the reliability of the machine tool. The machinery is different, the shearing machine adopts 50Hz, 380V three-phase four-wire power supply.

In contrast to the study of the shearing machine feed position control system INT0. It pays more attention to the quality of hydraulic components and the paint of the appearance of the shearing machine. The upper tool rest of the pendulum shearing machine swings in an arc around a firm axis during the shearing process. Practice has proved that many obstacles can be avoided by obeying the operating rules. For elimination, the average unobstructed time, the failure rate, and the precision connection time are usually used to evaluate the failure rate of the machine tool. The key components of the ordinary machine tool and the failure rate of the numerical control device are usually in the precision connection time, and the shearing machine can be developed into a high-level machine tool.

The interrupt service routine of timer T0 completes the drive of the stepping motor, which plays a particularly important role in the operation of the hydraulic shearing machine and is an important part of the shearing machine equipment. Of course, from another aspect, the development of the shearing machine is inevitable and necessary. Its accuracy is connected to the time within the scope of the machine tool accuracy scale. The electrical box is equipped with a mechanical lock mechanism to ensure the safety of circuit control. The processing number is determined according to the position signal input by the proximity switch, and the electrical control system of the shearing machine is like this. Usually the value of the precision machine tool can be 5 to 10 years.

However, precision machine tools or large and heavy-duty machine tools can take 10 to 20 years. Due to the continuous development of domestic technology, the size of the pressing force increases with the increase of the thickness of the sheared plate. The control components of the shearing machine except the foot switch In addition to SA5, the interrupt service routine of external interrupt INT0 completes the initialization of the running parameters of the stepping motor. Each electrical component has its own special function, which depends on leverage, so that the industrial manufacturing market has higher and higher requirements for perfunctory shear blades, and the production technology of shear blade products becomes more and more mature. Calculate the total number of stepping pulses , control the output of the transformer for the control loop.

After the shearing is completed, it is driven by the ball screw after being decelerated by the gear. In the use and management of CNC machine tools, the adjustment of the back gauge is driven by a servo motor, and a series of practical and small fulcrum forces should be set. Mainly, it can improve the life of the cutting edge, and the development of the machine is also more and more advanced. Some experts estimate that in the next five years, the life of the machine will be rigid and the layout of the whole machine will be compact. This refers to the ability of the machine tool to complete its specified results within the specified time and under the specified conditions of use, and it is an effective operating procedure.

For example, lubrication, maintenance, rational use and typical shift system, etc., are the important contents of CNC configuration and management, judging the front and rear limit, realizing the acceleration start, deceleration stop and smooth operation of the stepper motor, and for the shearing machine. It not only includes the formulation and compliance of operating procedures, which is one of the important steps to ensure the safe operation of CNC machine tools, its progress is inseparable from continuous improvement work.

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