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What is the reason for the invalid pressure adjustment of the hydraulic press?

by:WORLD     2022-09-22
The actual performance of the hydraulic system in the hydraulic press is: the system has no pressure, the pressure cannot be adjusted up, the pressure cannot be adjusted down, and the pressure rises too fast or too slow. The following reasons:

1. The spool of the main valve is too tight or blocked by dirt: the adjustment pressure of the relief valve rises, or the pressure reducing effect of the pressure reducing valve fails.

2. The oil inlet and the oil outlet are reversely installed: it is easy to reverse the installation on the pipe connection, and the plate valve is also easy to reverse the oil circuit in the design of the integrated block, resulting in the failure of the pressure regulation.

3. The spring is broken or missing or the spring stiffness is not suitable: the price of the punch hydraulic press causes the slide valve to lose the function of the spring force and cannot be adjusted, or the spring stiffness is too large or too small, which makes it difficult to adjust the pressure.

4. Leakage: External leakage will lead to environmental pollution, which is easy to find; while internal leakage occurs mainly due to machining accuracy, assembly accuracy or wear and tear, and it is not easy to check, which often leads to increased valve noise and significant pressure fluctuations.

5. The damping hole is blocked: For the overflow valve of the non-standard hydraulic press, the pressure is often lost immediately after the system is pressurized. The rotating handwheel cannot adjust the pressure or the system is overpressured. The overflow valve does not have an overflow effect. The valve shows that the pressure of the oil outlet does not rise, the oil flow is very small, or it does not have a decompression effect at all. The main reason is that the contamination of the oil causes the damping hole to be blocked by dirt, and the spool valve loses control.

The above is all the reasons for the invalid pressure adjustment of the hydraulic press. If there is anything you don’t understand, you can communicate with our customer service. We will serve you wholeheartedly.

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