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What is the Hydraulic Shearing Machine Used for?


Hydraulic shearing machine is an industrial gadget which incorporates a moveable upper blade and a static lower blade to exert excessive force on metal plates. Regardless of thickness and quality, it never fails to perform well.

Hydraulic shearing is a kind of forging machinery whose primary function is to process metal. This machine is used in light industry, metallurgy, and building. If you want to know more about what it is, how it works, and what it’s used for stay with us till the end.

What is a Hydraulic Shearing Machine?

This machine features a hold-down cylinder driven by the hydraulic system to press the steel sheets. The addition of the right and left cylinders drives the built-in blades up and down. The excessive force is driven to the plates of metal of different thicknesses depending on the size of the required cracks.

This apparatus is widely utilized in all sorts of the metal industry to live up to the requirement or demands for directing notching. It is not only a powerful and widely used machine, it also plays a crucial role in shipbuilding, automobile, light industry, etc.

What is the Mechanism of the Shearing Machine?

The punching and shear fragmenting actions are the outcomes of the close movement of the multiple sharp edges that are closely connected, and the metal is adjusted between them. However, the strong pressure is exerted to the point of fracture in three different phases:

· Deformation: It happens on either side of the metal piece that is present at right beside the edge of the cutting. It is due to the cutting starting close to the metal piece.

· Penetrating: Then the chipping begins resulting in fracture lines.

· Fracture: it is the main point where the lower, as well as upper fracture lines come in contact. It is the exact point of action, but in the scenario of punching or pressing, the exertion continues until the metal moves through to clean the slug.

How Does Hydraulic Shearing Machine Work?

The operation of this machine is done by a pump powered by a motor which enforces the oil-containing cylinder against the piston. The continuous motion of the piston energizes the main component ram that holds onto the upper knife.

Anyhow, the hydraulic shearing machines required longer strokes than the mechanical ones. They are specially manufactured to fix local capacity.

Uses of Hydraulic Shearing Machine

A Hydraulic shearing machine has different applications. Punching is the crucial yet common process in which sheared slugs are scraped. Anyhow its most important uses include:

1. Blanking and Punching

It is defined as the process in which shear punches are utilized to eliminate the metal portion from the strip or larger metal piece. When a minimal piece is removed, it is called punching. If the removed part is a useful piece and the leftover is scrap, that work is known as blanking.

2. Trimming

It is another useful use of hydraulic shearing. When different parts are generated by drop forging and casting, minimal amounts of additional metal are unfurled on extra parts. Trimming is quite similar to blanking.

3. Piercing

It is a process in which a hole is made into a large metal sheet. Piercing is not similar to punching because the slug does not get generated in this process. This process’ result is pretty similar to the bullet holes.

4. Nibbling

It is a distinct and useful function that hydraulic shearing performs. It is a different kind of notching which involves conjoining notching cuts into the metals. This function is used for manufacturing any desired shape, for instance, flanges and collars.

5. Perforating

Perforating is an operation defined where many equal holes are created in the metal sheet. These holes are generally of variable shapes and sizes. It has the ability to cover an entire sheet in a short time.

6. Notching

It is another useful function in which a minimal metal part is cut. Notching is an entirely different process from punching. It is about cutting the slug line that touches the metal sheet's single edge.

How to Use a Hydraulic Shearing Machine Safely?

It is a common machine used nowadays, but it requires some precautionary measures to ensure safety. Here are some tips that you need to follow.

· Maintain cleanliness in the machine and cautiously follow operating rules in order to avoid hazards.

· Ensure to switch off the machine after working and when it is not being used.

· Hire the specialist operator for operating the machine.


Hydraulic shearing machines are commonly utilized in automobile, electrical, and other industries. These make the cutting, piercing, and various strength-requiring tasks easy and limited to a few minutes. It applies a huge force on different kinds of metal sheets to meet various requirements of the industry or client.

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