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What is the Gap frame press ?


Gap frame press is a common type of hydraulic press. Compared to other metalworking machines, the gap frame presses have a smaller footprit whie stil providing excellent practicality and minimum travel deviation. Like other hydraulic presses, the gap frame press is extremely versatile and can be used in many applications in many different industries.

1. Gap frame press design

Although there may be some variation in the design of the gap frame press, the overall design consists of a steel frame, hydraulic cylinders, and upper and lower pressure plates. These are also known as sliding platforms and support platforms. Gap frame press frames are usually made of A36 steel because of their good characteristics and strength, making our hydraulic gap frame presses suitable for stamping applications. 

With the help of the three open sides of the gap frame, the press can easily handle a variety of applications, including a variety of material shapes and sizes. For applications requiring smaller bed sizes and lower tonnage, gap frame presses are usually used, although there are some exceptions. 

Although there may be design changes, all of our press machines are designed to run manually or automatically to allow for short term or high volume production. Typically, gap frame presses can also be equipped with a variety of different tools for bending, stamping, cutting or straightening applications. 

2. Advantages of gap frame press

As mentioned earlier, the gap frame press can be adapted to a variety of applications. One of the more common applications is stamping. In the stamping process, sheet metal such as copper, titanium, stainless steel or aluminum is used to form the stamping parts of a gap frame press. Stamping tools (called dies) are used to form parts from inserted sheet metal. The hammer then pushes the metal plate through the mold to form the desired shape.

Beside the wide applications, compared with other power pressmachines, there are some advantages for gap frame press:
In addition to the open space inherent in their design and manual or automatic operation options, the gap frame press offers manufacturers many other benefits, including:

Minimal Floor Space: gap frame presses usually take up less floor space than most other hydraulic presses, such as 4-column presses, due to their narrow but sturdy gap frame

Ease of use and efficiency: The press design provides the advantages of minimum stroke deflection, work accessibility, increased opening area and working method.

Maintenance points: The gap frame press has three access points to the operating area for easier maintenance and adjustment of the die, as well as removal scrap metal and finished parts

Economy and efficiency: This type of press usually costs less than other types of hydraulic press

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