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What is the function of servo press ?


In today's society, due to energy and resource constraints, reducing carbon emissions has become a social consensus. At this time, the emergence of servo press has become one of the important development directions of press. This press not only can run at high speed, high precision and high load. but also has.greater flexibility. Servo press reduces weight because it has no clutch, brake and flywheel. In addition, the machine has a wide range of technical, to meet the requirements of low-carbon economy. Next, we briefly introduce the function and application advantages of servo punch, hoping to let more people know about this high-performance machine.

Discussion points are as follows:  
       What is a servo press
       Servo punch function 
       Application advantages 

What is a servo press
Servo press, also known as CNC press. Usually refers to a press driven by a servo motor. This press realizes the slider motion process through servo motor, and then drives eccentric gear. Through complex electrification control, the machine can program the stroke, speed, pressure of the slider arbitrarily, and.even reach the nominal tonnage of the press at low speed. It mainly includes Electronic press for metal forging and special servo press for refractory industry.

Servo punch function

With the development of social economy, servo press is widely used in various fields. So, what are its excellent functions?

(1) Various stamping and assembly methods to meet the requirements of high precision, accurate production and quality controIt can accurately control the speed, position and pressure of pressure. Setting up various pressing procedures, including constant pressing speed, precise position stopping, precise force stopping, precise displacement stopping and other working modes, can easily fulfill the pressing requirements of two or more stages. In this process, the precise position of the machine can be set arbitrarily without using expensive precision dies to ensure the accuracy of pressing and.assembly.

(2) On-line inspection of pressing quality to meet quality control and data management in pressing processAfter the operation is completed, all operation settings, result data and pressure displacement curve can be displayed on the man-machine interface of the servo press, which can effectively control the quality of interference fit and meet the requirements of traceability management. Operate data, detect and remove defective products, so as not to cause greater losses. At the same time, it can also help to optimize technical parameters and design.

(3) Automatic compensation accuracy to meet the precision assembly requirements under specific working conditionsFor the requirement of precise pressure assembly between ultra-precision parts and the requirement of frame deformation affecting precise pressure.assembly, servo pressure device has a unique solution.
(4) Self-diagnostic function to meet customer's intelligent maintenance requirementsAfter the fault occurs, the servo press can display error information, which is convenient for users to quickly troubleshoot and resume production.

Application advantages

Electronic press not only has excellent functions, but also has strong application advantages.

(1) The precise closed-loop control of pressure and displacement with high precision is incomparable with other types of press

(2) The whole process curve of pressure and displacement can be displayed on LCD touch screen; the whole process control can automatically judge whether the product is qualified at anv operation stage, and 100% defective products can be removed in real time, so as to realize online quality management

(3) Pressure, depth, speed and holding time can be input into the operation panel. The interface is friendly and the operation is simple.

(4) Can customize, store and invoke 100 sets of pressing procedures: seven pressing modes can meet your different technical needs:


After listening to our introduction, do you have a deeper understanding of the servo press, which is a new type of machine? With the development of socil economy, the establishment of green economy enterprises and countries has become the goal of the development of enterprises and countries. The emergence of servo punch has undoubtedly promoted the development of various fields. Therefore, if you want to choose a suitable servo press, please consider us. We will provide vou with the best eguipment.

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