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What is the crank type power press used for ?


There are many crank type power presses on the market, each with a different appearance and accessories. Therefore, it has many different features and functions, and is used to bring convenience to human life in all aspects. So what are the specific classifications of crank type power presses, and what role does it play? This article will explore these two issues.

The main points are as follows:
The scope of application
Structural form and function characteristics of different types of crank type power presses

1.The scope of application
Crank type power presses are widely used in cutting, punching, blanking, bending, riveting and forming processes. The metal is plastically deformed and fractured by applying a strong pressure to the metal blank. Such as punching, bending, forming, shallow press, sheet bending machine, shearing machine, automatic cold heading machine, high speed press, precision press, hot forging press, etoIn order to adapt to the process requirements of different parts in production, various types of crank power presses can be used. These presses have their own unique structural forms and functions.

2.Structural form and function characteristics of different types of crank type power presses

1.1 Classification according to the process use of the pressAccording to the process, the press can be divided into two categories: general press and public press. The press can be further divided into sheet press presses, volume die forging presses and shear presses.

1.2 Classification according to the fuselage structure of the press
According to the structure of the fuselage, the press can be divided into two types: open press and closed press.

1.2.1 Open press
According to the structure of the fuselage, the open press can be divided into two types of double-column open presses and single-column open presses;according to the structure of the worktable, it is divided into two types: fixed bench presses and lift bench presses; According to the tilt of the fuselage, it can be divided into two types: tilting press and non-tilting press Single split press
The fuselage is hollow and has only one upright on the top of the fuselage. The back of the press body is closed, and the press can only feed horizontally when working. The single-column fixed table structure is generally used for open presses with a large nominal pressure; the single-column lifting table structure car change the closing height of the press in a wide range, and the applicable process range is wide.

1.2.2 Closed press
The fuselage of the closed press is a frame structure, the fuselage is open at the front and back, and the sides are closed, so that the operator can only approach the workbench from the front and the back. The strength and rigidity of the closed press body are good. Therefore, when the workpiece is loaded, the elastic deformation of the fuselage is small, and the impact on the accuracy of the workpiece and the normal operation of the mold is also small, so the closed press is mostly Large and medium-sized presses.

1.3 According to the number of press linkages
According to the number of press linkages, the crank type power press is divided into a single-point press, a double-point press, a multi-point press, etc. The slider of the single-point press is driven by a connecting rod, which is generally a small pressure. The slider of the double-point press is driven by two connecting rods, generally a medium-sized press. The slider of the multi-point press is driven by two or more connecting rods (for example, the four-point press slider is driven by two pairs of connecting rods), so that the slider moves smoothly, has a large bottom area and a work surface, and has a certain Strength and stiffness are generally large presses. Due to the two or two pairs of links, the slider is not very sensitive to eccentric loads.

1.4 Classification by press slider action
According to the action of the slider of the press, the crank type power press is divided into a single-action press, a double-acting press and a three-acting press. The single-action press with only one slider mechanism is suitable for punching, bending, and stretching of small and medium-sized parts. The double action press has two inner and outer sliders for large presses, In addition to the inner and outer slides. the three-action press has a lower slider that can work in the opposite direction.

1.5 Classification by location of the structure
Next to the position of the structure, the so-called structure is placed on the workbench called the upper drive press, and the structure under the workbench is called the lower drive press.

1.6 Classification by press table characteristics
According to the characteristics of the press table, the crank type power press is divided into a fixed table press, a tilting table press, a lifting table press, a movable table press, a rotary table press and the like.

1.7 by crank form
According to the different crank forms, crank type power presses can be divided into crank-type presses, fair presses, crank-shaft presses and fair-gear presses.

3. Conclusion
Through the exploration of this article, we can know that the crank type power press has a lot of structural classification. These structures are created for different needs. Different structures make these presses have different strengths. Only by understanding these can we better use these crank type power presses.

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