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What is the construction for the coil feeder?


The coil feeder is an indispensable automatic feeding machine for the automation of punching machines. The use of a coil feeder can reduce work costs by replacing manual labour. The wide variety of feeders, the range of materials available and the different processing processes have led to the creation of many different types of feeders. In this article, the structure of the coil feeder is briefly described and analysed. At the same time, the coil feeder will also be described in detail.

The main advantage of coil feeders.
The construction for the coil feeder..
How to choose a suitable coil feeder?

The main advantage of coil feeders.

The coil feeder has many advantages. The feeder can convey continuously, works smoothly and does not damage the material being conveyed. In terms of system operation, the coil feeder is easy to operate, safe and reliable, easy to maintain and low maintenance overheads, helping you to reduce operating costs. For example, servo coil feeder, NC coil feeder, press coil feeder, etc. The different types of coil feeder have different characteristics and use scenarios.

The construction for the coil feeder.

The coil feeder is mainly composed of a frame, conveyor, oil supply device, discharge mechanism and protection device. The coil feeder is mainly composed of the coil feeder frame, electric control box, angle iron frame, the conveyor mainly includes the motor, gearbox, roller, conveyor belt, material table, material channel, material separating mechanism, material blocking mechanism and other accessories.

When using the coil feeder, the sheet metal to be processed is placed on the pallet and the electric control box is adjusted to control the rotation of the feeding drum, which drives the sheet metal to feed. During the feeding process, the sheet metal is raised by the feed rollers on the pallet frame, reducing friction. The two symmetrical stopper wheels on the left and right limit the material to avoid misalignment, thus ensuring that the punching, bending and cutting of the sheet metal is carried out with high efficiency and precision.

How to choose a suitable coil feeder? 

Working accuracy 
The working accuracy of the coil feeder is compatible with the machining accuracy required by the process. In the selection of parts according to the processing accuracy requirements of the choice of machine tools, such as low precision requirements of the roughing process, you should choose a low precision machine tools, high precision requirements of the finishing process, you should choose a high precision machine tools..

Size of specifications
The main size of the coil feeder should be adapted to the contour size of the workpiece. That is, the small workpiece should choose a small size of the machine "tool processing, while the large workpiece is to choose a large size of the machine tool processing, to do the rational use of equipment.
These are the main considerations for the selection of a coil feeder. In addition to the considerations mentioned above, the ease of clamping and the simple structure of the fixture is also a factor to be considered when choosing a press machine. Before purchasing a straightener, we recommend that you understand the features and price of each type of straightener to help you achieve better efficiency. All of the above is an introduction to the coil feeder. From the above information, would you say that you have a better understanding of our company's coil feeders?For any product, our company has a strict quality control. We can recommend the most suitable coil feeder system for our customers based on detailed information about the coil, such as the weight of the coil, the thickness and width of the sheet and the working speed of the automatic press line. Please contact us if you would like more information aboutour coil feeder or press machines .

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