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What is eccentric gear press ?


Do vou know what is an eccentric gear press? As the name implies, the eccentric gear press is a press that relies on the rotation of the eccentric wheel. The eccentric wheel is the most important accessory. Then equipped with many related accessories to form an eccentric gear press. Such eccentric gearpresses have been widely put on the market and have been working for people for manv vears, but many people do not know or understand it Ths atil wil take you through the information about this press.

This article contains the following: 
Working principle

1. Working principle
When the eccentric gear rotates on the mandrel, the eccentric neck is equivalent to the crank being rotated, thereby driving the link to move the slider up and.down, thereby causing the link to move the slider up and down. The upper mold is fixed on the slider, and the lower mold is fixed on the table pad. Eccentric gear press can pressurize the material placed between the upper and lower molds, and the workpiece is made into a workpiece by the mold to realize.pressure processing.

2. Features
The eccentric gear mandrel has a double-end bearing force and good force; the eccentric gear only transmits torque, and the bending moment is received by the core bearing: the force is better than the crankshaft and the mandrel has a large rigidity. The structure is relatively complicated, but casting is easier to solve than crankshaft forging.

3. Composition

1) eccentric shaf
Ultra-alloy steel quenching and tempering treatment, super wide eccentric camHigh stiffness -low deformationThe eccentricity uses a large transition radius at the journal, so the fatigue strength is greatly improved.The drive toraue is transmitted from the intermediate gear to the flywheel by the herringbone gear. This herringbone tooth shape ensures smooth operation.The eccentric gear press can be configured with or without an intermediate gear depending on the required forming energy.
2) rach
The split design consists of a drawbar, a sturdy press table and a beam, and the frame is optimized using finite element calculationsThe spacing of the columns is large in the width and height directions, facilitating the inward convevance of the forged blank and the outward transfer of the finished part or flash.Non-temperature-affected, diagonally designed slider guide system
3) link and slider
Double-link, the distance between the supports is very wide, almost equivalent to the width of the slider, the probability of ilting the slider is almost zero Since the ratio of the link length to the stroke of the slider is balanced, the slider guide wear is minimizedThe press slide is driven by two sturdy steel links. These compact components are equipped with large bearing sleeves that transmit pressure in a straight line from the eccentric shaft through the toggle pin to the slider without any edge pressure and overcome the eccentric forging forces that occur during forging.
4) clutch and brake system
The clutch/brake system with fail-safe features ensures the shortest response time. Clutches and brakes are mounted directly on the eccentric shaft to direct prevent overloading of the press. The wet clutch/brake system is electro-hydraulic controlled, fully automatic and has a very short response time. For ease of maintenance, the clutch and brake are mounted on the flvwheel side and on the other side of the press. The flywheel is braked by a variable frequency drive.motor
5) upper ejector and lower ejector
The eccentric press is equipped with a hydraulically driven ejector. This system significantly improves process stability, especially for fully automated forming presses. The ejector must transfer the workpiece to the monitoring clamp of the automatic walking beam at a fixed cycle with accurate position. The slider?ejector is a hydraulically driven single-action ejector. The ejector of the workbench is a hydraulically driven single-action ejector with position control.

As mentioned above, eccentric gear press is such a kind of machinery, which has made a great contribution to the production and life of human beings.effectively reducing the waste of labor. Let the work of three or four people be done, as long as one person can complete the machine. The presence of an eccentric gear press is very significant.

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