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What is axis of CNC press brake


What is axis of CNC press brake

CNC press brake can have 18 pieces CNC controlled axises. The most popular axises are as follows.

X: control the back gauge front and back moving
Y1 Y2: control the side hydraulic cylinders for ram moving
R: control back gauge up and down moving
Z1 Z2: control the back gauge fingers left and right side moving
W (or V): for table compensation 

World brand WE67K series CNC press brake adpots famous Delem DA53T CNC system. It have standard 3+1 axis. R axis and Z axis are optional, meanwhile, the CNC sytem wil be different.

The DA53 CNC system has built-in control valve amplifer and PLC functions, which can be controlled not onl by the torsion shaft synchronous bending machine, but also by the lectrohydraulic synchronous bending machine.The panel mounting structure based on 4-axis control can be installed directly on the electric cabinet or in the suspension cabinet. With friendly user interface, T true color LCD display anc menu drive, provide fast and concise programming tools.Angle programming of the Y axis, table deflection compensation and pressure control are standard.The da-53, based on the latest technology, provides a stable and reliable solution.It is equipped with USB interface, a great place to faciliate the product and mold quick backup.

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