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What is a universal hydraulic press? What is the difference between a universal hydraulic press and a hydraulic press?

by:WORLD     2022-11-16
The hydraulic press is called the universal hydraulic press because it has a very wide range of applications, ranging from aerospace technology to home or bowls and pans. The most widely used ones are the processing of spare parts widely used in the automobile industry and the shaping, edge punching, proofreading of various products in various industries, and the pressing and imprinting of shoe-making, handbags, rubber, molds, shafts, and bushings. Forming, bending, embossing, sleeve stretching and other processes of sheet parts, washing machines, electric motors, car motors, air-conditioning motors, micro motors, motors, wheel production, shock absorbers, motorcycles and machinery and other industries.

The hydraulic press can be applied to so many occupations, so what is its working principle? Hydraulic press is a device that uses liquid to transmit pressure. When a liquid transmits pressure in a closed container, it obeys Pascal's law. The hydraulic transmission system of the four-column hydraulic press consists of a power mechanism, a control mechanism, a performance mechanism, an auxiliary mechanism and a working medium. The power arrangement generally uses an oil pump as the power arrangement, which is generally an accumulating oil pump. In order to meet the needs of meeting the needs of the scheduled movement speed, choose one oil pump or multiple oil pumps. Independent buttons for centralized control. There are two operation methods: adjustment and single-hand cycle. The hydraulic control can choose the integrated system of the cartridge valve, which has reliable action, long service life, small hydraulic shock, and reduces the connection pipeline and leakage point, or two kinds of general hydraulic control. The hydraulic press has a wide range of versatility.

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