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What is a servo press ?


With the development of domestic related technology and competition with imported products, the market price will drop rapidly. Servo technolog will be.more and more widely used in the field of forming equipment. Therefore, servo press will play an increasingly important role in electronic products, automobiles and other precision manufacturing fields, and gradually become a dark horse in the field of press. So, do you know the servo press? In the following article, we will brieflv introduce some aspects of servo punch, such as types and applications, hoping to help you better understand this press.

The main points are as follows:
       What is a servo press 
       Classification of Electronic press 
       Servo punch application 

What is a servo press
Servo press usually refers to a press driven by a servo motor. The press drives eccentric gear by servo motor to realize the slider movement process. Through complex electrification control, the stroke, speed, pressure of the slider can be adjusted arbitrarily, and even the nominal tonnage can be compressed at low speed. Servo press includes servo punch for metal forging and refractory industry. It is also called CNC press because it has the characteristics of CNC.

Classification of Electronic press
Electronic press is divided into servo crank press, servo connecting rod press, servo screw press and servo hydraulic press

(1) Servo crank press
General mechanical crank press is eccentric teeth up and down driving slider, the curve is sinusoidal curve. Usually, the maximum nominal tonnage is reached.before the slider runs to the lower dead point. The journey is fixed and not adjustable. Universal hydraulic press can realize engineering tonnage at any position of slider stroke, because it is driven by liquid pressure. The journey is adiustable, but inefficient. Servo punch controls the movement of slider by motor, and integrates the advantages of mechanical press and hydraulic press through pre-programming. It can realize stamping production in any way in any travel stage, and the pressure curve can be programmed arbitrarily

(2) Servo screw press
The traditional screw press is driven by double disc friction. After starting the machine, the friction disc rotates continuously and consumes a lot of energy. The impact force is greatly influenced by human factors, and the product quality is unstable. As an upgrade equipment of friction press, according to the different driving motors in the field of hot forging and refractory forming on the market, there are electric screw press, switched reluctance press and servo screw press.When the servo screw press starts the machine, as long as the control voltage is lost, the motor will stop running immediately. Therefore, besides the impact of the press, the time power consumption can be neglected. which is about 60% lower than that of the friction press. In addition. because of the superior performance of the servo motor, the servo screw press runs more smoothly. Accurate, can achieve ultra-short-range fast attack.

(3) Servo Hydraulic Press
Servo hydraulic press uses servo motor to drive the main drive oil pump, which reduces the control valve circuit and controls the slider of hydraulic press.Suitable for stamping, die forging, stamping, straightening and other processes. Compared with ordinary hydraulic press, servo-driven hydraulic press has the advantages of energy saving, low noise, high efficiency, good flexibility and high efficiency. It can replace the existing ordinary hydraulic press. In terms o existing servo hydraulic press products, lapan, Europe and other industrial developed countries developed earlier, and lapan has gradually entered the papularization period. At present, only a few domestic enterprises have studied this kind of products, the main key technologies have not been broken through, and mature products have not yet formed.

Servo punch application
With the development of science and technology, experience, servo press has been more and more widely used in various fields.
Automotive industry
Precision pressure assembly of engine parts, transmission shaft parts, steering gear parts, gear box parts, pump parts, brake disc parts, oil seals, etc.
Electronic industry
Precise pressing and cutting of circuit board components (plug-ins, etc.), electronic components, communication products, etc.
Machinery Industry
Pressing and assembling of mechanical parts, application of automatic assembly line, life test of vulnerable parts, etc.
Motor industry
Servo motor components, micro motor components (such as spindle, shell, bearing, shaft) and other precision pressing
Servo press is also widely used in precision semi-cutting, aviation and silica gel and other special equipment

       Because of the advantages of servo press, such as compounding, high efficiencv. high precision. high flexibility. low noise, energy saving and environmental protection, the future development trend of servo press is bound to rise in a straight line. Compared with traditional hydraulic system, servo hydraulic svstem.has better performance, so its appearance will inevitably lead to the revolution of mechanical pressure.Therefore, if you want to buy high.performance Electronic press, please choose us, we will certainly provide you with the best products.

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