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What is a link drive press used for ?


With the rapid development of social economy, the requirement of production equipment in various fields is becoming higher and higher. Because some traditional forging eauipment can not meet the existing requirements. so the link drive press has been developed. This is an advanced mechanical equipment with broad prospects for development, which can greatly improve production efficiency and promote the development of related industries. So what is the use of chain press? What benefits does it bring to our development? Here we briefly introduce, hoping to help you better understand the link drive press, a new type of equipment.

The main points are as follows:
       What is a chain press
        Advantages and disadvantages of this press
       The structure and working process of the link drive press 

What is a chain press
Chain press is an advanced press equipment, which is the integration of many press. It usually consists of wire head unit feed mechanism. press and wire tail.The fastest beat can exceed 25 beats per minute, so it can meet the needs of high-speed automatic production. Wire head unit can be divided into stacking unit, tape and cleaning unit, oiling equipment, etc. Feeding mechanism is generally composed of feeding arm; press is generally divided into multiple sliders.and sliders, according to different needs, tail is generally composed of conveyor belt.

Advantages and disadvantages of this press
So what are the advantages and disadvantages of this press in the application process ?

1. Advantages:
(1) Connecting rod mechanism is a low pair mechanism, and the kinematic pairs contact each other face to face. It has low pressure, high bearing capacity and impact resistance.
(2) Most of the geometric shapes of the moving pairs of elements are plane or cylindrical, which is convenient for processing and manufacturing.
(3) Under the condition that the motion law of the original part remains unchanged, the follower can obtain different motion laws by changing the relative.length of each component.
(4) he connecting rod curve can meet the design requirements of different trajectories.
2. Disadvantages:
(1) The cumulative error of motion is very large, which will affect the transmission accuracy.
(2) Inertial force is not balanced. which is not suitable for high-speed transmission.
(3) The design method is complex.

The structure and working process of the link drive press
This press mainly consists of the following parts: transmission mechanism; fuselage; material conveying device;splint mechanism, etc.

(1) Driving mechanismThe main transmission mechanism of it is basically the same as that of general mechanical press. Most of the working mechanisms adopt crank-slider mechanism. Through the two-stage deceleration of belt pulley and gear, the motion is transmitted to the super crankshaft and slider. The motion of the lef end of the hyperbola is transmitted to the feed mechanism through bevel gears and shafts to coordinate the movement of the feed and crankshaft. The right end of the double crankshaft controls the movement of the splint through cams, pull rods, rockers and trailers.
(2) FuselageThe press generally adopts welded combined closed fuselage, which is divided into two-column, three-column and four-column fuselage. There are also a small number of small tonnage press, the fuselage is open
(3) Material conveyorTwo kinds of stamping materials commonly used in this press are coil and flat plate (blanking part), especially coil material. Roller feeding devices are usualy used for reeling. The device has certain requirements for the thickness of the plate, so it has certain limitations in use.
(4) Splint mechanisnWork piece transfer between work pieces on this press can be accomplished by clamping the splint and moving forward and backward. The splint can perform four actions: clamping, feeding, loosening and returning, and can transfer the work piece on each station for stamping

       Therefore, from the point of view of actual production, chain press has the advantages of high automation, high productivity, fewer personnel, small occupation area, safe operation and production cycle of work piece. Therefore, with the diversification of production types, the application prospect of this press is very good. If you want to buy a suitable link drive press, please choose us, because our company is committed to the production of connecting roc drive press and other related press. Of course, if you have any questions about this kind of equipment, please consult us in time.

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