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What is a CNC system

by:WORLD     2022-11-16
What is a CNC system

What is a numerical control system? According to the Shanghai WORLD Press Machine of hydraulic presses, the numerical control system is the electrical transmission link between the numerical control system and the machine body. It is usually composed of a motor, a drive control system, and a position detection feedback device. The actuator of the system, and the drive control system is the power source of the motor. When it generates a command, its command signal is compared with the position detection feedback signal as a displacement command, and then amplified by the power string of the drive control system to drive the motor to run. , so as to drag the table or tool holder to move through the mechanical transmission device.

The system in the CNC system can be said to be an important part of the CNC machine tool, which is used to realize the feed control and spindle control of the CNC machine tool. The function of the system is to convert the command information received from the numerical control device into the linear displacement or angular displacement of the machine tool execution part after power amplification and shaping processing. Since the system is the last link of the CNC machine tool, its performance will directly affect the technical indicators such as the accuracy and speed of the CNC machine tool. Therefore, the driving device of the CNC machine tool is required to have good rapid response performance, and accurately and sensitively track the data sent by the CNC device. Digital command signal, and can faithfully execute the command from the numerical control device, improve the dynamic tracking characteristics and static tracking accuracy of the system.

According to the Shanghai WORLD Press Machine of the hydraulic press, the system includes two parts: the driving device and the actuator. The drive device consists of a spindle drive unit, a feed drive unit, a spindle motor, and a feed motor, among which stepper motor, DC motor and AC motor are commonly used drive devices.


The measuring element of the numerical control system can detect the actual displacement value of each coordinate axis of the numerical control machine tool and input it to the numerical control device of the machine tool through the feedback system. Command the displacement amount required by the set value. This article is from the official website of the manufacturer WORLD Press Machine, please indicate the source for reprinting!

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