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What is a CNC bending machine and how to operate it

by:WORLD     2022-08-26

The CNC bending machine is to use the equipped mold to bend the cold metal sheet into workpieces with various geometric cross-sectional shapes. The following world press machine will introduce its relevant knowledge to you.

What is a CNC bending machine?

Because there are still many blind spots in our understanding of the industry, whether it is our primitive technology or high-tech technology, there is a lot of room for improvement. So, for us to use

The same principle is used for bending machines. We need to understand some more advanced bending machines in our work and daily operations. As for what is a CNC bending machine, we also need to explain it carefully.

To say that the current bending machines are actually connected to a large extent with intelligent equipment. It is no longer such a simple tool as the original manual operation, which is why the original intention of the CNC bending machine was invented. Because we need to understand the development history of modern industry and the basic principles of some equipment, we need to know the opinions at the beginning of equipment invention. No matter what kind of equipment environment we are in, we need to make contact with intelligent equipment, which is also the significance of the existence of CNC bending machines.

So, what exactly is a CNC bending machine? First of all, it is a kind of equipment that we have. It is based on a professional model that has been set, and then some material model settings are carried out in the already set environment. At first, we basically chose to perform these operations manually, but due to the rapid development of modern industry, manual operations have been unable to keep up with the needs of our industrial development, and replaced them with intelligent numerical control equipment. This is the CNC bending machine, because of its great significance, many industries attach great importance to the use and maintenance of this equipment.

Whether we use or maintain them in industry, some technical processing of these equipment is still very complicated. Because it is advanced equipment, there are some differences in details in many use processes. This is also when our skilled workers use it. Things to watch out for. The CNC bending machine is a very good equipment whether it is making model materials or filling materials that have been set up. Whether we are operating under high intensity or some very simple operations in buildings, CNC bending machines can very well change the process of operation and our cost reduction.

The bending machine is a very advanced and integrated equipment, because it has existed for a very long time, and basically such equipment can be seen in many industries. Whether we are in life or in industry, the existence of bending machines is very advanced, because we are in a highly developed era, so industrial changes are very careful. There are also many challenges.

How to operate a CNC bending machine:

First, turn on the power first, then turn on the switch, and then start the oil pump. This sequence must not be confused. Start to operate the CNC bending machine by listening to the sound of the oil pump turning.

Second, you need to step on the foot switch to perform the bending process. When you have something to do, you can release your foot at any time, and then step on it to continue the operation. This is designed to be more humane.

Third, pay attention to the size of the bending notch, and it is most suitable to have a width of eight times the thickness of the plate.

Fourth, conduct appropriate tests before operating the CNC bending machine to see if there is a gap between the upper die and the bottom, and the size of the gap needs to be well controlled.

The above is the relevant introduction, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of CNC bending machine.

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