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What hydraulic press parameters have been quoted by hydraulic press manufacturers

by:WORLD     2022-09-09
The technical parameters of hydraulic presses for different process purposes are often quite different, but the content of the main technical parameters is basically the same. So as customers, how should we understand which parameters, and which parameters do hydraulic press manufacturers quote? Let's follow WORLD Press Machine Shanghai WORLD Press Machine to find out.

1. Table size BxT

The worktable of the hydraulic press is generally installed on the lower beam, and the size of the worktable BXT (unit mm X mm) refers to the effective size available on the worktable. It reflects the plane size of the working space of the hydraulic press, as well as the plane outline size of the hydraulic press. Some four-column hydraulic presses are expressed by the center distance of the column. For the single-arm hydraulic press, there is also the distance from the center of the pressure head to the inner surface (machine wall) of the frame, that is, the throat depth L.

The size of the worktable directly affects the plane size of the mold that can be installed and the maximum plane size of the workpiece that can be pressed. Generally, the plane size of the mold should be smaller than the size of the worktable, and there is room for installation and fixation. However, the plane size of the mold cannot be made too much smaller than the size of the worktable, which is not conducive to the force of the worktable.

Large forging or stamping hydraulic presses are often equipped with a mobile worktable. The size of the worktable at this time refers to the effective plane size of the mobile worktable. In addition to meeting the above requirements, it should also be noted that when the mobile worktable is removed, the mold should be Completely outside the outline of the fuselage to avoid damage during hoisting.

2. Movement speed of movable beam

The moving speed of the movable beam is divided into two types: the speed of the working stroke and the speed of the idle stroke (liquid filling and return), which have a wide range of variation. The forging hydraulic press requires a high working speed. It can reach -150mm/s, and in some processes, the working speed of the hydraulic press is even lower than 1mm/s.

The idle speed is generally higher to increase productivity. But if the speed is too fast, it will cause shock and vibration when stopping or reversing.

3. Nominal pressure and stroke of ejector

Many hydraulic presses are equipped with ejector cylinders for ejecting workpieces or deep drawing. The size of the ejection force often varies with the type of hydraulic pressure, and can be easily adjusted according to process requirements.

When selecting, it should be ensured that the ejection force and ejection stroke are large enough to meet the process requirements. If the ejector cylinder is used for floating blank holder, the blank holder force can be adjusted by adjusting the remote pressure regulating room of the ejector cylinder according to the process requirements, and the drawing stroke should not be larger than the stroke of the ejector cylinder.

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