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What factors will affect the production cycle of the bending machine mold

by:WORLD     2022-08-23

Anyone who has learned a little bit of marketing knowledge should know that the production cycle of a product is affected by many aspects, and among these factors that affect the production cycle of a product, there are also several significant factors. Today, we will introduce what factors will affect the production cycle of the bending machine mold!

1) The degree of mold technology production.

The degree of mold standardization is the product of the development of a country's mold technology and production to a certain level. At present, my country's bending machine mold technology has a good foundation, including mold technical standards, mold process standards, mold blank and semi-finished parts standards, and mold inspection and acceptance standards. Due to the small but complete and large and complete situation of my country's mold enterprises, the commercialization of mold standard parts is not high, which is an important factor affecting the mold production cycle.

2) The corporate culture of the mold.

The trend of modern industrial development is that the division of labor is becoming more and more detailed, and the degree of specialization of enterprise products is getting higher and higher, which can improve product quality and economic benefits, and is conducive to shortening the production cycle of products. At present, the degree of specialization of my country's mold enterprises is still relatively low. Only when each mold enterprise produces its own best mold type, has a clear and fixed service scope, and at the same time cooperates with each other and engages in collaborative production, the mold production cycle can be shortened.

3) The degree of modernization of mold production technology.

The modernization of mold design, production, and testing methods is also one of the factors that affect the mold production cycle. It is necessary to vigorously promote and popularize mold CAD/CAM technology, so that rough machining can be developed towards high efficiency. High-speed sawing machine, anode cutting and grinding wheel cutting and other high-efficiency equipment are used for blank blanking; high-speed milling machine and powerful high-speed grinding machine are used for rough machining; high-precision machining is used for precision machining. CNC machine tools, such as CNC copy milling machine, CNC optical curve grinder, high-precision CNC wire EDM machine, CNC continuous track seat oak grinder, etc.,

4) The modernization degree of mold production, operation and management level.

From the management point of view, it is important to study the production rules and characteristics of mold enterprises, and adopt modern management methods and systems to manage enterprises. It is also an important factor affecting the mold production cycle.

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