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What exhibitions does WORLD participate in?
WORLD has been to many famous exhibitions in the domestic and international regions. Our company has grown rapidly since establishment, which allows us to participate in many famous exhibitions at home and abroad to advertise our superior sheet metal punch press . By attending exhibitions, an increasing number of customers get to know more information about our products and we have attracted long-term business partners and clients.

As the primary provider of c frame press, WORLD is reliable. Shanghai Yingxin World Machinery Co., Ltd. has created a number of successful series, and power press machine is one of them. WORLD hydraulic sheet bending machine will go through double inspection and quality test. It is tested in terms of its sleeves, springs, and position wedges in the last production stages. Its PLC control system can be a Panasonic or Mitsubishi brand. The dangerous chemicals found in this product is generally considered too small to pose a potential risk to people health. This product is designed for the really tough jobs that require high production, high tonnage, or variable controls.

We will continue to improve the quality of service rendered by each employee from Yingxin. Contact us!
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